EP. 01-2N  Petite Courrier II (1)

Gr MP5 Miss WA, is this the next recon check point?

WA2000 That's right, but you'll have to take over it before you can contact her.
The enemies are strong, so be careful. Make sure you listen to the commander.

Gr MP5 Okay, got it. WA2000...seems to be very good at taking care of people.

WA2000 Humph. That's just because I've taken care of myself long enough.
The rest is up to you guys. Good luck.

Gr MP5 All right! Commander, let us be on our way!

EP. 01-2N  Petite Courrier II (2)

...Arrived at the second check point.

Gr MP5 Um... Is anybody here?

P7 Oh, it's MP5! Welcome!

Gr MP5 Hello, Miss P7.

P7 Hello, hello. It must've been a tough journey for you! Come sit down and have some snacks!

Gr MP5 Oh... Th-Thank you...

Gr MP5 Pffft!!
Th-This tastes like...!

P7 Hahaha! It's my special tasty pie!

Gr MP5 Stop pulling my leg. I have eaten a lot of pies and none of them tasted like this!

P7 Tee-hee. This is a recipe I learned from Miss 56-1. It's a local specialty from her homeland.
An exquisite delicacy with five types of nuts, only eaten on a particularly full moon every year.

Gr MP5 So what are the five types of nuts...in this pastry?

P7 Well... I've forgotten the recipe, so I just made do with five types of pepper and some cheese powder.

Gr MP5 Hold on. Pepper is not even a kind of nut!
And...why does the cheese powder taste like strawberries?!

P7 Well...56-1 said I needed to add something called "rock sugar".
I don't know what that is, so I just threw in some strawberry ice cream.
It was the last scoop, too. I spent an awful lot of effort to 'serve' you, you know!

Gr MP5 (Whimpers) ...P7 really is a prankster.
But...I still have a job to do. I cannot let my emotions take over.
Here are some supplies from Miss G36. A large can of iced juice.

P7 Humph. It's red. Tomato juice?
G36 is trying to make me drink that horrid stuff again. Like I'd fall for it.
Do not worry. I have a straw here. Just take a little sip. You can turn it down if you really don't like it.

P7 Hmm. All right, just a sip...

P7 Pffft!! W-What the heck is this?!
Cough! That's not tomato juice! It's something even worse! So spicy! My throat!

Gr MP5 She is actually rolling on the ground. It looks very effective.
This is vegetable juice squeezed from a kind of super spicy chilly called 'viper'. Just a sip has the effect of a tear gas grenade.
Miss G36 said to let you drink it if you prank me with weird things.

P7 How could you do this to me?! That's so mean! I'm tearing up like mad!

Gr MP5 She also said to give you the iced tomato juice if you behave. I can let you have it right now if you want.

P7 Don't even think about making me drink that gross stuff! I want ice cream! Strawberry ice cream!

Gr MP5 Have you forgotten? You used up the last scoop to prank me.

P7 (Sobs) How did this happen...?

Gr MP5 That is the recon report on the desk, right? Mission accomplished. I shall take my leave.

P7 Wait! Cough... Please hold on a sec! MP5! Big Sis MP5!
(Sobs) T-Tomato juice...please...