EP. 01-3  Investigate Anomalies (1)

Helian I'll now assign you an important mission. I hope you're ready, Commander.
Our frontlines have retrieved several injured T-Dolls that are in urgent need of repair once they're transported back to base.
But intel shows that a Sangvis outpost is still operating autonomously under minimal command along our transport route.
They don't actually pose much threat to us, but these injured T-Dolls are very important to us, and there must be no room for mistakes.
So if you'd please dispose of that outpost quickly to ensure our T-Dolls' safe return.

EP. 01-3  Investigate Anomalies (2)

Sangvis outpost successfully shut down. Transport route safety confirmed.

Helian Well done, Commander. The injured T-Dolls should arrive any minute.
These T-Dolls are especially valued because they are possible witnesses to some intel.
If the intel proves to be true, it might mean open war between us and Sangvis Ferri.
...Yes, 'us', and that includes your troops, Commander.

A ping comes from behind Helian.

Helian Oh? Looks like the T-Dolls are back.
Please excuse me.

Griffin Headquarters. The damaged T-Dolls have arrived at the Factory.

Ingram Humph, so we're back already...
Not the slightest bit of fun during the whole thing. I was bored to tears.

Helian Save it, Ingram.
If it hadn't been for the T-Dolls that came to HQ's aid, you'd be in big trouble.

Ingram Tsk. It was a chance for me to risk my life.
After all, the riskier it is, the more I revel in combat.

Helian Not this time, Ingram.
You're one of the few survivors still capable of speech. There are some things I have to confirm with you.

Ingram Fine, you're the boss. Whatever you say.

Helian What happened to STG-44 and PPSh-41, do you remember?

Ingram I only know that Agent got there. She seemed to be in a hurry chasing something.
We only made it out alive because we weren't her targets.

Helian Hmm...
VZ-61 is the only one still missing. You two are close, aren't you? Do you know her whereabouts?

Ingram (Shrugs) Sorry, but I wasn't on the frontline back then.
However...if she's still alive, she'll probably find a way to leave behind clues.
That gal...can be very sharp when it counts.

Helian ...Understood.
That's all I need from you. Go and get repaired.

Ingram ...Miss Helian.
Will we have our vengeance...for Skorpion, and all the other T-Dolls?

Helian ...
Hurry up and get yourself patched up, Ingram.
Very soon...you can have your share of fun.

Ingram (Grins) ...Understood.
That's exactly what I want to hear.