EP. 01-3E  Advanced Training III (1)

Griffin Control, Area S09.

Kalina Ah, Commander! Morning!

Kalina Heheh. Didn't expect to see me, did ya?
Miss Helian has some urgent business this morning, so I'll be giving out your assignment for now.

Kalina Huh? ...Me? Don't worry. I'll do fine!

Kalina In any case, HQ's got everything prepared. I just gotta record some data.

Kalina Heheh. I may not look like it, but I can handle a computer just fine.

Kalina Hey! What do you mean, 'I'd never guess'?! Is that even a compliment?!

Kalina Whatever. Let's start your mission, Commander!

EP. 01-3E  Advanced Training III (2)

...Combat over.

Kalina Nice! Things went just as smoothly this time. I'd expect nothing less from you, Commander!
Such results will surely win your points in the higher-ups' books.

Kalina ...Hmm? You've got something to ask, Commander?
The conflict...between Griffin and Sangvis Ferri?

Kalina Hmm... I don't know much more than you do.

Kalina However, do you know...how all hell broke lose in Sangvis Ferri within a single night?
Rumor has it, that a sophisticated AI is behind the whole thing.
It disobeyed the commanders at S.F. and seized control over all the T-Dolls in their factory.
Still, this is just the result of Griffin's preliminary investigation. Everything is still shrouded in mystery.
As for what that AI has cooking on the stove, nobody knows.

Kalina But don't you worry. This isn't where Sangvis Ferri and Griffin duke it out.
All you need to do is perform your duties and fend off the occasional minor attacks initiated by S.F.!