EP. 01-3N  Petite Courrier III (1)

Gr MP5 MG5, I just retrieved the report from P7.

MchG5 Excellent. And G36 mentioned she had asked you to give P7 her nutrition supplements?

Gr MP5 That is correct. P7 just consumed six months worth of vitamins.

MchG5 Good. Then let's continue the operation.

Gr MP5 Hmm, I believe the next check point is manned by Miss MG4?

MchG5 MG4 is away on an urgent mission. I've arranged for two other T-Dolls to fill in for her. Identify each other with the password.
Those two are notorious troublemakers. Get me if they misbehave.

Gr MP5 U-Understood. Let us be off, Commander.

EP. 01-3N  Petite Courrier III (2)

Arrived at the third check point.

Gr MP5 We have arrived. I believe the password is...
Gew Elf!

?? Ugh...
Rest. Take a rest...

Gr MP5 Huh? That is not the correct response. Let me confirm again...

?? O ye mortal who summoned this elf by her true name, n-name thy wish!

416 Sheesh! You're the one who came up with that embarrassing code. Why didn't you say it yourself?

Gr G11 The plan has always been to make you say it. What a blast. (Thumbs up)

416 You stupid dormouse. I should've stuffed your head into that barrel of Sauerkraut last night.

Gr MP5 Umm...Sorry, but are you the T-Dolls I am supposed to meet up with?

416 ...

Gr MP5 ... (What an unnerving stare.)

416 Judging from your weapon, you must be MP5.
We've been through quite some hardships thanks to you.

Gr G11 That's right. We can't let her off just like that, 416.

Gr MP5 Ack, hold on! What are you going to do to me?!

MchG5 Stop it, both of you!
Just how petty can you get? You're always making things difficult!

416 Humph. This was none of our business to begin with.

Gr G11 We were only back at HQ for our check-ups, but got dragged off to this godforsaken place because of you.

MchG5 You're always diddling around, doing nothing to earn your pay.
If you still have an issue with me, I'll ask Helian to kick your asses out.

Gr G11 W-What should we do, 416? MG5 is pulling this card again.

416 She can't threaten us. With 45's arrangements, we can have free meals everywhere.

Gr G11 O-Oh, you're right. It's the same no matter where we go.

MchG5 I don't care where you go, but freeloaders aren't welcome here!

Gr MP5 Please stop arguing.
And please stop ignoring me. I still have a mission to carry out...

416 Take the report and scram. This is the last time we meet.

Gr MP5 Th-Thank you... You are 416 and G11, right?

Gr MP5 G36 initially prepared this ice cream for MG4.
As a gesture of gratitude and farewell, let us enjoy it together.

Gr G11 ... (Nibbles)

Gr G11 Th-This...! This is my favorite rum-flavored ice cream! (Gobbles)
Dammit! Guess I'm staying after all! (Gobbles)

416 You aren't a person of principle, are you, dumbass?!

Gr G11 Of course I am! My principle is 'Wherever G36 goes, I go!' (Gobbles)

MchG5 Another failed defection, 416. I'd thought it'd last a bit longer this time.

416 ...
I've had enough...of living in a world full of morons...