EP. 01-4  Missing Party (1)

Helian ...Commander, I'm briefing you about this mission. Listen carefully.
A friendly T-Doll designated VZ-61 has gone missing and is suspected to have fallen into Sangvis hands.
She may be in possession of important intelligence, so we must recover her.
Our most pressing objective is to locate this T-Doll and launch a rescue mission.
And your job, Commander, is to scour the Sangvis command post in the area for valuable operation records.
One more thing, Commander.
Unlike those at the previous outpost, these Sangvis troops will actively seek out and attack our forces. Please be careful.

EP. 01-4  Missing Party (2)

Sangvis command post successfully invaded. Relevant data uploaded.
Waiting for analysis from HQ. A moment later...

Kalin Commander, the analysis is out!

Kalin While HQ was compiling the data, they recovered some useful information.
The good news is, VZ-61 is still alive, but is in a really tight spot...
In any case, please take a look at this video feed first.

Video feed starts playing.
In the ruins near the battlefield, VZ-61 is being interrogated by a Sangvis T-Doll.

Scarecrow Your cunning slightly exceeds my calculations, VZ-61 of Griffin.

Skorpion All I did...was provide the possible location...

Scarecrow All you did...was stall for time.
Poor thing. You're going through this interrogation because of your friends, but they've already left you for dead.

Skorpion That's not true. They're gonna get help and come back for me! She promised!

Scarecrow Then let me remind you again, you pathetic piece of junk.
They are the AR Team, cold and highly efficient elite T-Dolls.
You are nothing more than disposable goods to them.

Skorpion No... Not true!
I won't believe your lies! M4A1 is my companion!

Scarecrow She isn't your companion, pitiful thing!
Tell me where she is, and I'll be kind and let you rot on the roadside like the piece of junk that you are...
Just as your 'companions' have done.

Scarecrow Your emotions are merely fabricated lies.
I'm asking you one last time... Tell me where she is.