EP. 01-4E  Advanced Training IV (1)

A remote call at Griffin Control.

Helian Commander, I'm back.

Helian Apologies... Something urgent came up. I only made it back to HQ just now.

Helian By the way, Kalin didn't screw things up last time, did she?
...Really? That's a surprise, but good thing it went well.
But there's still no sign of her today... She's probably overslept again.
Whatever. It's not important. Let's continue with your training.

Helian This final test has brought down many candidates.
But I have faith in your abilities, Commander. Please do your best.

EP. 01-4E  Advanced Training IV (2)

...Assessment passed.

Helian Astonishing...
I knew you would complete the mission, but your efficiency still surprised me...

...The door opens.
Miss Kalin enters.

Kalina Oh! Miss Helian, you're back.

Helian Indeed. If I had entrusted the test with you, it would have been delayed.

Kalina Says who? I did turn in Commander's results on time last time, you know!

Helian What about this time? Don't tell me you overslept again.

Kalina This time... Heheh...

Helian ...? What are you snickering about?

Kalina I just found out from another colleague...

Kalina The reason why...Miss Helian...was absent for the last test.

Helian ...Ack!!

Kalina Another failed mixer, huh... Sorry to hear that.

Helian I-I don't know what you're talking about!

Helian That's all for today, Commander!