EP. 01-4N  Petite Courrier IV (1)

Gr MP5 All reports have been collected, Commander. Thank you very much!
I had thought...I would not be able to complete the mission... I am so weak and small... I can't do anything.
But thanks to your constant protection along the way, I was able to carry out my duty.
We now have one final task. I must deliver the reports to Miss Helian.
In order to avoid Sangvis' detection and make it in time for her conference with the reconstruction contractors, please accompany me one last time.
Let us do our best together on our final mission, Commander.

EP. 01-4N  Petite Courrier IV (2)

MP5 reached Griffin's temporary office without a hitch.

Gr MP5 Miss Helian, here are the reports on Sangvis Ferri's stationed forces in the area.

Helian Well done, MP5. Thanks for the hard work.
Let me see...
Sangvis Ferri has actually got their hands on this many armored units. The real estate agencies are gonna shake in their boots when they learn of this.

Gr MP5 So what should we do...? Can we counter this attack?

Helian Of course not, but we won't have to.
Those are all military armored units that got hacked by Sangvis Ferri. The military will have to clean up their own mess.
We'll just help out here and there and stick our hand out for financial compensation.

Gr MP5 Will...that be enough...?

Helian What's that, MP5?

Gr MP5 I just wish I could do more and be relied on, by both my companions and humans alike...
That was why I had taken this assignment. I wanted to become stronger...

Helian (Chuckles) All of you are altered from T-Dolls meant for civilian use. There's no way you'd beat military T-Dolls no matter how strong you become.

Gr MP5 You have a point. We are weak. Our weapons are obsolete. Even our characters are problematic.
So where...does our worth lie...?

Helian There are things that only you can do, MP5. That's the reason why Griffin has chosen you.

Gr MP5 But...I still wish to earn my place through my abilities.

Helian Don't worry. Griffin won't let our own T-Dolls be inferior to military T-Dolls forever.
But that requires time, capital, and everyone's effort.
You are right to have such aspirations. Keep fighting, and leave the rest to us.

Gr MP5 Thank you, Miss Helian! I will also do my best on my next mission!


Helian Hmm? What is it, Thompson?
...Is that so? So it's begun? Understood.

Gr MP5 What is it, Miss Helian?

Helian Here comes...the next mission.