EP. 01-5  Rescue Signal (1)

Helian VZ-61 is in grave danger, Commander.
It doesn't matter whether she's leaked intel to the enemy. It is our duty to recover stranded T-Dolls.
So our current objective is to do everything we can to rescue VZ-61.
Your mission this time, Commander, is to assist our troops in completing this rescue operation.
According to reports, there's a Sangvis recon base in the area, making it dangerous for us to move.
Please destroy the base quickly so that our forces can mobilize undetected.
VZ-61's survival depends entirely on this operation. Begin whenever you're ready, Commander.

EP. 01-5  Rescue Signal (2)

Sangvis recon base secured. Our rescue team seized the chance and moved in quickly.
...Half an hour later, the team arrived at the coordinates.

Griffin T-Doll (Gestures) Ready...
(Gestures) 3...2...1...

Engage in battle.


PPSh-41 ...All clear.

Skorpion ...

PPSh-41 It's me, Skorpion. We're here to get you.

Skorpion Papasha... You're still alive...?
Am I dreaming...?

PPSh-41 (Smiles) Don't be silly. Can we even dream?
Don't worry. Everything's fine now.

...Mission accomplished.

...An hour later, VZ-61 returned to the control center safely.

Helian ...
So you didn't disclose the AR Team's whereabouts?

Skorpion Yep, in the end, I only gave her false information.
For the sake of my companions, even those I thought I'd lost, I'd never surrender to someone like that!

Helian I believe you, VZ-61.
As for Scarecrow's objective, we'll have to find out by capturing her.

Skorpion Miss Helian, please count me in on the hunt for Scarecrow.

Helian I don't have any vacancies here.
If you want revenge, I can assign you to a new commander.
This commander contributed greatly to the success of your rescue mission. Don't disappoint.

Skorpion OK! No matter where I go, I'll do my best as long as I'm with Griffin!