EP. 01-6  Operation Uproot (1)

Helian The final stage of the operation is about to begin, Commander.
Our target this time is this T-Doll.

Helian Please memorize all information about this Sangvis Ringleader - Model SP65 'Scarecrow'.

Helian According to information provided by the rescued T-Doll, she knows the details and objective behind the recent Sangvis raids.
Our objective is to capture her and extract her memory module.
Unlike previous minor skirmishes, this time your troops will be up against an advanced T-Doll.
But you've made it this far. I'm sure you can handle this.
Begin the operation, Commander, and good luck.

EP. 01-6  Operation Uproot (2)

Flanked by Griffin troops, Scarecrow is defeated.
As Griffin T-Dolls immobilize and capture her, the operation enters the final stretch...

Helian Sangvis T-Doll SP65 'Scarecrow', your efforts in resistance were all futile.
Surrender immediately, and we will seize you in one piece.

Scarecrow Humph. So this is...how it ends for me...

Helian Just give up. Whatever you're after, it's clearly impossible now.
VZ-61 has been rescued. The information she gave you was false.

Scarecrow False? Not entirely, I'd say.
Griffin T-Dolls don't have such advanced AI...

Helian ...What?

Scarecrow I know how your T-Dolls' AI is designed.
When those crudely made T-Dolls 'lie', they just throw in some random data on top of the truth and shuffle the sequence.
So even false information has bits of truth in the mix.
We just have to collect and analyze three different sets of false intel to find the common factors – the real answer.

Helian ...
This is strictly confidential information concerning the programming of our AI. How did you know about this?!
Who...the hell are you...?

Scarecrow Just a lowly T-Doll...from Sangvis Ferri...
However, I'm not a tool that bows under human will.
Do you get it... cowardly human...holed up in your base...daring to show yourself only through hologram...?

Helian Whatever. Your operation has already failed.
No matter what you know, you won't live to tell the tale.

Scarecrow ...

Scarecrow ...I AM telling it.

Scarecrow Sequence number...8354...9266...0223.
I finally calculated M4A1's coordinates at the last minute...

Helian ...Coordinates? What are they?!
Who are you corresponding with, Sangvis?!

Executioner ...
Copy that, Scarecrow. Well done.

Scarecrow Hmm... I'll leave the rest to you.

Helian What are you doing?! Stop!
She's gonna blow herself up!
Everyone back off! Back off!!

...Connection lost.

Executioner Good heavens... I should've warmed up to her sooner.
But at least nothing can come between us now...
M4A1, which corner are you hiding in?
We paid a huge price just to find you. You'd better not disappoint...