EP. 02-1  Record Trace (1)

In a tactical control center in Area S09 under Griffin jurisdiction...

Helian ...In hindsight, that was quite a close shave. Thank goodness no one was hurt.
Sadly, that Sangvis' memory module was destroyed. We could barely recover any data from it.
I have to compile a report, and I need your help on several matters.

Helian 'Sequence no. 835492660223' - one of the few pieces of important information recovered just now.
According to analysis from the Intelligence Department, there are some coordinates hidden in there. Please investigate the situation in the vicinity.
Don't hesitate to report whatever you find out of the ordinary.

EP. 02-1  Record Trace (2)

Combat over. Report submitted to Helian.
Helian returned to HQ.

Helian Things look more serious than we imagined, Mr. Kryuger.
According to that commander's investigation, Sangvis Ferri was again one step ahead of us.

Kryuger ...
In other words, they've been beating us to intelligence regarding M4A1.

Helian Yes. My guess is that they have a T-Doll skilled at breaking codes.

Kryuger Or...they've been acquiring intelligence from one of our own.

Helian That's...
I believe...everyone at Griffin to be trustworthy, and the T-Doll safety system impeccable.

Kryuger Safety and trustworthiness are relative.
We can't begin to guess what cards our enemies have up their sleeve.
Halt your operations for now, Helian, just to be safe.
There's no need to follow up on that commander's mission either.

Helian Then...should we continue the operation to rescue the AR Team?

Kryuger Certainly, but we're changing our strategies. I'll find someone more suitable for the task.
Speaking of which, Helian, does the commander working for you...like cats?

Helian Huh?
Well... I never asked, but...I hope so.
Don't tell me, Mr. Kryuger, you intend to...

Kryuger Yes. Since we can't solve the current problem, let's start from the roots.