EP. 02-1N  Professional Help Ⅰ (1)

Thompson Good evening, Boss. You're right on time.
As indicated on the map, Sangvis troops have already set up a defense line in the area.
To coordinate with the military's operation to eradicate them, we need to clandestinely station some men in a few bases.
Infiltration requires the use of brains. We're planning to leave it to a pro like you.
You're in great demand at Griffin these days, y'know? It took quite some effort just to borrow you.
So do your best, Boss. Everyone's counting on you.

EP. 02-1N  Professional Help Ⅰ (2)

Griffin troops arrived at a base.

Thompson Beautifully done, Boss. Now let me discuss our next step with the PIC of this mission.
1911, do you copy?

M1911 You've come way ahead of time. Looks like the commander can't wait to see me.

Thompson Oh, please. I need to put someone here. Any suggestions?

M1911 This base is used mainly for recon work. Best leave it to a handgun T-Doll.

Thompson A handgun, huh. Other than you, who else is up to the job...

M9 Let me do it, Miss Thompson! I'll do even better than 1911!

Thompson That's some nice verve you've got there. Griffin needs enthusiastic T-Dolls like you.

M9 Humph. I'll take every chance to prove that I'm better than a certain old hag!

M1911 I heard that, M9...

Thompson Anyway, I'm leaving scouting duties to you, M9. Now, a T-Doll to guard you...

M9 That won't be necessary. We're understaffed enough as it is, right?
I'll be fine on my own if it's just scouting. Don't underestimate my skill in making great escapes.

Thompson Don't try too hard to be brave, M9. The battlefield is unpredictable.

M9 I've fought a bunch of Sangvis with the commander. Don't worry about me.

Thompson All right. Be careful then. Let's keep going.