EP. 02-2  Emergency Reinforcement (1)

In a tactical control center in Area S09 under Griffin jurisdiction...

Kalina Commander, I'm back!

Kalina Gosh, I've been working at the warehouse all this time. I'm dead tired.

Kalina Huh? Who am I?

Kalina C'mon, Commander, stop pulling my leg. We just said hi at the mall, didn't we?!
Back to business. After Miss Helian left, HQ sent us a new assignment. Please take a look.

Kalina Though Scarecrow's destruction has been confirmed, a Griffin command post is still under Sangvis control.
Our squad in the area is surrounded by Sangvis troops. We must bust them out as soon as possible.

EP. 02-2  Emergency Reinforcement (2)

...Combat over.

Kalina Everything went smoothly. Good work, everyone!

Kalina Huh? Commander, you don't look...very happy, do you?

Kalina That's true.
We were put in charge of a huge operation, but it got terminated all of a sudden.
And now...we're just cleaning up here and there. Of course it'd take some getting used to.

Kalina S-Still, you're doing great as a new commander!
Just take it one step at a time, and opportunities will eventually show up, right?

Kalina ...That's the spirit! Cheer up. We've still got loads to do!

In a corner out in the battlefield, a T-Doll squad...

FF-49 No enemies spotted...here...

FN FNC That's weird. We did receive some suspicious signals. Don't tell me we've come all this way for nothing.

FF-49 Well... That's all good. Let's head back soon.

FN FNC You scared, 49?
But if we go back just like that...

FF-49 Oh! Someone's over there!

M4A1 ...!

FF-49 Hmm? She seems to be...one of our own!
What should we do? Do I shoot?!

FN FNC How should I know? Let me ask for instructions!

FF-49 Oh, she's gone already...

FN-FNC Hmm... Isn't she quick...

FF-49 Or maybe we're just slow...
FFC, are we too slow...?

FN-FNC Of course not. We're a new generation of T-Dolls, you know.
But does that mean...she isn't an enemy?

FF-49 Why would she run though, if she's on our side?
Just... What is going on?