EP. 02-2E  Field Samples Ⅱ (1)

Persica Ah, Commander...

Persica Yep, here I am again. Am I a welcome sight?

Persica Same old request. More samples.

Persica Oh my... What research is it?
You can say it's a research that'll be useful for Griffin.
This was where you engaged a Sangvis Ringleader before, right, Commander?
Then...please begin.

EP. 02-2E  Field Samples Ⅱ (2)

...Combat over.

Persica Oh! Awesome. These are gonna be very helpful.

Persica Hmm? Why...don't I get in touch with M4...?
I'm just lazy. No reason, really...
I have no use for her at the moment anyway. Just say hello for me...
Why...am I not using her?

Persica Because I have you, haha...
That child is a bit peculiar. Make sure you take good care of her.
It's all right. You'll understand, Commander. Probably...