EP. 02-2N  Professional Help Ⅱ (1)

M1911 Everything's going smoothly so far, Thompson.

Thompson Ha, of course, seeing that I'm the one on the field.

M1911 Don't let it get to your head. There are still several bases to go.

Thompson I've got a pro with me. Sneaking in will be a piece of cake.

M1911 With dear Commander on our side, I have no doubt about winning.
(Whispers) I'm talking about a T-Doll... The infamous troublemaker among our ranks.

Thompson Humph, I know. She probably isn't very thrilled to be assigned a mission like this.

M1911 Have you thought about how to deal with her? Don't let her sour the whole thing for everyone...

Thompson Haha. I'm not Springfield. I'll just have to think of something.
Let's go, girls. Don't keep the boss waiting.

EP. 02-2N  Professional Help Ⅱ (2)

Griffin troops arrived at a base.

Thompson Ingram, I'm leaving this place to you. Prepare for your stationing.

Ingram Huh? Me?
Seriously... How long do I have to stay here?

Thompson Probably quite a while. The military is still deploying their T-Dolls. They didn't say when the action will take place.

Ingram So why did we have to involve the military? We can handle those stupid tin men on our own just fine.

Thompson We're a business. We should always avoid splurging ourselves if we can spend someone else's money.

Ingram (Sighs) I'm not here to make money. What I want is a bloodbath, Thompson.
I only joined your team after hearing about you.

Thompson Then you're gonna be sorely disappointed. All my actions were taken under Griffin's instruction, never on a reckless whim.

Ingram Then what about the unspeakable things you did under the table?

Thompson They were all within permissible range... Here, take this.

Ingram What... A detonator?

Thompson This is your job. Once you get it over with, I don't care if you go batshit crazy.

Ingram Humph. So you're not as dull as you claim to be.

Thompson Make an effort, Ingram. Be glad it's Griffin you're working for.
Party to your heart's content - within permissible range of our contract.