EP. 02-3E  Field Samples Ⅲ (1)

Persica The mission this time...mostly concerns Sangvis samples.
The Sangvis troops here have been upgraded...
But that's not gonna be a problem, Commander, is it?

Persica Do your best. I'll be waiting for good news!

EP. 02-3E  Field Samples Ⅲ (2)

...Combat over.

Persica Oh, Commander. Well d...

M4A1 Why so shocked, Miss Persica?

Persica Ah! M...M4!

M4A1 Commander told me, so I have come to see you.

Persica I'm sorry... It was all because of me that you...

M4A1 Please do not say that.
We were merely carrying out our employer's orders as T-Dolls.

Persica Hmm...
Well, you're safe now. Applause applause.

M4A1 Yes. Commander is very good to me. I will continue serving under Griffin.

Persica By the way...
M4A1, I'm so happy...to see you again...

M4A1 ... (Smiles)
Yes, so am I, Miss Persica.