EP. 02-3N  Professional Help Ⅲ (1)

M1911 Thompson, did you hear the barrage from this side?

Thompson Humph. The military seems to have opened fire ahead of schedule.

M1911 (Sighs) They had never trusted us.

Thompson We stick to our plan. The frontline isn't here. It'll be fine as long as we don't get caught up in the fight.

M1911 Well... Here's a tiny problem.
The frontline happens to be where M9 is. And military T-Dolls can be very... you know, destructive...

Thompson I have no time to babysit her. Surely you've made your own preparations?

M1911 Boss, continue the operation and lead us to the next base.

EP. 02-3N  Professional Help Ⅲ (2)

Griffin troops arrived at a base.

M1911 Thompson, you've got a good field of vision over there. Have you picked your sniper?

Thompson M21, you're up. Give me some bullseyes.

M21 Sure. But who should I aim for, the military or Sangvis Ferri?

Thompson Now is not the time for jokes...
Still, seeing that you're a civilian T-Doll, occasional mistakes are unavoidable, aren't they?

M21 Heheh. How about...raising the barrel by 1cm on the premise of not endangering the operation?

Thompson As long as it's within permissible range of the contract, you can have all the fun you want.

M9 Hello?! Thompson, are you listening?!
Um... They've started fighting over here all of a sudden! Where are you? Come and get me, quick!

Thompson Hey... You said you'd be fine on your own.

M9 But the military opened fire without even a word! Even my base got hit by shells!
There are Sangvis everywhere! I can't hold on for much longer!

Thompson It's no use asking me for help since I'm also on the field myself. Go and beg 1911.

M9 (Sobs) ...1911, I'm sorry! You win this time!

M1911 (Sighs) ...I never even thought of it as a competition.
Then time to move, backup team.


M9 Huh? All the Sangvis...are destroyed?
A-Are you one of us?

Super SASS SuperSASS, new recruit at Griffin. Glad to be of help, Miss M9.

M9 Th...Thank goodness...
You're my hero, Super...whatever!

Super SASS It's SuperSASS, Miss M9.
And you're squishing the breath out of me...

Thompson Phew, thank goodness you'd prepared for backup beforehand. Otherwise things wouldn't have ended pretty for M9.

M1911 (Sighs) It only worked because it had quieted down where M9 was, Thompson.

Thompson True. But SuperSASS is right on time. I was just thinking who to send this time.

Super SASS Hmm? Where to?

Thompson To bring Griffin honor and glory, SuperSASS. The organization needs you.

Super SASS Huh? What? ...Me?