EP. 02-4  Data Collection (1)

In a tactical control center in Area S09 under Griffin jurisdiction...

Kalina Commander, our mission this time was issued by 16Lab—

Persica Ah... So you're the commander. Pleased to meet you.

Kalina Huh? Don't you need introductions?!

Persica Persica, researcher at 16Lab.

Kalina Miss Persica is actually the head researcher.
16Lab is Griffin's technology supplier. The weapons and network technology of our T-Dolls are all Miss Persica's great work.

Persica Hmm... Your mission this time is to eradicate Sangvis forces in the area and retrieve some research data.

Kalina Miss Persica wishes to recover some data stored in a database. This order has been approved by Griffin.

Persica Yeah... It's annoying how Sangvis Ferri keeps sitting on the database.
I'll go make some coffee. I'm leaving everything to you...

Kalina And that's that, Commander. Let's begin.

EP. 02-4  Data Collection (2)

Combat over. Report submitted to Persica.
A short while later, at the Factory at Griffin HQ...

Helian Here you are, Mr. Kryuger.

Kryuger Our next battle is about to begin, so I've come to check up on our T-Dolls.
I've read your investigation report. Thanks for the hard work, Helian.

Helian It's my duty.
On another note, I just received a report from Persica. She's analyzing M4A1's database.
But the data extracted so far is insufficient. We may need to expand our search area.

Kryuger Let her do it herself. We simply aren't capable of organizing any bigger operations.
Our contract states that we should focus our work on things that are so-called...'tactically valuable'.

Helian Another order from the client, huh...
It's almost impossible to get information regarding the AR Team on time when our main forces are left in the wealthy area so far away...

Kryuger At least we got something. Those two reports have been very helpful.

Helian Those two reports... You mean the ones about our units stationed in Area S09 encountering M4A1 and a Sangvis Ringleader?

Kryuger The AR Team is still surrounded by Sangvis troops in that area. We know that for certain.
Now it's up to Persica.

Helian Then is rescuing the AR Team still our main objective?

Kryuger The AR Team... Or M4A1, at least, must have discovered something very important to Sangvis Ferri.
We still know next to nothing about S.F. Retrieving M4A1 will prove immensely helpful.

Helian But we can't breach our contract with the client and station our main forces in areas beyond our jurisdiction...

Kryuger We don't need to send out our main forces.
The commander you mentioned just now is still a rookie, I hear.

Helian Yes. With very dependable abilities.
Someone worth grooming.

Kryuger And I believe here's the first grooming session.