EP. 02-4N  Professional Help Ⅳ (1)

Thompson Boss, hope you've had enough rest?
Everyone's been working hard all this time. Now's the final step.
All the girls are in position, except me, the one who's been giving orders.
So I need to enter the site from the back to aid the military in this operation.
Please lead me to our destination, Boss. Then it'll be time for me to repay the organization.

EP. 02-4N  Professional Help Ⅳ (2)

Battle against Sangvis Ferri commenced at M9's temporary base.

M9 Dummy of a Sangvis Ringleader detected! M21, get ready!

M21 Here, say 'cheese', Sangvis scum!

M1911 Their armored unit can't react in time! Now, Ingram!


Thompson Now, SuperSASS! Storm the control room!
The military are entering from the front. Don't let them take the glory!

Super SASS Roger. Moving in!


Sangvis troops started retreating.

M21 Make sure you beat the military to it, or we'll have no choice but to kill them off.

M1911 Don't make that kind of joke, M21. What if they're humans?

Ingram Humph. Didn't the humans make guns to kill each other?

M9 Don't listen to her, SuperSASS.
We're adorable T-Dolls for civilian use, after all. We just have to act cute when we run into humans!

Super SASS (Forced laughter) Sorry, but I haven't undergone such training.

M21 Damn, you newbies have it easy. Back in my time, we had to take exams on making jokes.

Ingram Ha, Then you must've joined Griffin only 'cause you screwed up your standup comedy or something.

M1911 You shouldn't ask your companions about their backgrounds, Ingram.
We are all part of Griffin now. That's the only thing that matters.

Super SASS SuperSASS has seized the control room. Repeat, SuperSASS has seized the control room!

M21 The sun is up, and victory is ours.

Thompson 1911, make sure you ask for more dividends from Helian. That was exhausting.

M1911 You'll have to wait till I give the commander the kiss of victory.

M21 So 1911 won the competition?

M1911 There was no competition to begin with, was there?
Speaking of which, where's M9? Has she gone offline already?
M9? Are you there?

Ingram You're too late, 1911. M9's already rushing to the control center.

Thompson Haha, you really shouldn't have saved her, my dear.

M1911 ...
These Griffin T-Dolls...could really use some further grooming...