EP. 02-6  Termination (1)

Helian Commander, I'm sure you've had your own suspicions.
The Sangvis invasion in Area S09 is by no means a random conflict.

Helian A Sangvis Ringleader is in fact searching for a T-Doll known as M4A1.
She is part of the AR Tactical Unit under Griffin and has been collecting some research data under the commission of Persica, researcher at 16Lab.
According to our sources, her neural cloud, i.e. memory bank, seems to be carrying extremely important confidential intelligence.

Helian M4A1 is currently lost in Area S09. We must bring her in safely with all possible haste.
But due to certain agreements, we cannot openly interfere with the situation.
After some discussion, Griffin HQ has decided to delegate this mission to you.

Helian Launch an immediate search in Zone T6, Area S09 and secure M4A1 before Sangvis forces get to her.

Helian The Ringleader in the area has been confirmed to be Model No. SP524, an advanced T-Doll widely known as 'Executioner'.
Though she is currently hellbent on chasing one target, she'll still attack if approached rashly. Please exercise caution.

Helian Occupy the enemy's command post, disrupt their communication channel, and find M4A1.
This mission is of utmost importance, Commander. The higher-ups at Griffin expect much from you.
Don't let them down. Now begin.

EP. 02-6  Termination (2)

Somewhere on the battlefield.

M4A1 Is something wrong, Executioner? An unexpected situation has arisen, has it not?

Executioner Tsk. How...
How come...Griffin T-Dolls attacked my command post before HQ gave the order...?

M4A1 That is because a human commander is capable of mobilizing our troops independently.

Executioner So you've been waiting for this all along?

M4A1 It was a gamble.
I have no choice but to have faith in them.
Now, let us discuss your ending.

Executioner Ending? Do you seriously think that's the end?
Even if you hide among Griffin troops, we have other ways to get you.

M4A1 What?

Executioner Don't forget. You still have three companions stranded on the battlefield...
And we both know they make excellent bargaining chips...

M4A1 ...

M4A1 pulled the trigger.

M4A1 You should not have brought them up, Sangvis scum.

Executioner Humph... Whatever...
You know, we won't...disappear...so easily...

Five minutes later.
Our troops reached the rescue zone.

M4A1 ...
Is that you...Commander?
Are you the commander...that Miss Persica mentioned?
Excuse me... Allow me to introduce myself.
Designation M4A1. Please call me by this name.
I am a Griffin T-Doll under the AR special unit. Due to certain reasons, I am currently under Sangvis pursuit.
Miss Persica told me a tactical commander will provide me with backup...
And the watchword is...
Um... "Sugar cubes"?
Yes, thank you very much for your timely rescue.
Right now, I only have a single request...

...Save us.