EP. 03-1  Clearing a Path (1)

In a tactical control center in Area S09 under Griffin jurisdiction...

Helian Congratulations on the success of your last mission, Commander.
I received the report about it while I was on the way.
Firstly, your effort in exterminating Executioner and rooting out Sangvis troops in the area was highly commendable.
On top of that, you've successfully recovered M4A1 and uploaded a copy of her memory logs, which HQ will start to analyze immediately.
And now, we need to push our front forward so as to completely eradicate Sangvis influence in the area.

Helian Due to the limitations of our contract, Griffin cannot actively participate in the operation at this point.
We need you to prepare for future operations by clearing the road leading to this area.

EP. 03-1  Clearing a Path (2)

Combat over. In an unmonitored corner at Griffin Control...

M4A1 AR... This is M4A1. Please respond if anyone copies.

M16A1 Nice timing, M4. You wouldn't reach me if you were late by a minute.

M4A1 M16! What happened?

M16A1 A few Sangvis units are very close by. I'll have to turn off the comm soon.

M4A1 Then long story short, I got away and am currently working under a commander.
Our troops are stationed near the frontline. We can provide backup for you whenever you need it.
M16, how is the AR team doing?

M16A1 We got separated when I was bringing up the rear. But they were safe the last time we got in touch.
Leave me for now, M4A1. Find AR-15 and SOP-II first.

M4A1 No problem, M16. But be careful yourself.

M16A1 Sorry, they're coming. We'll talk next time.
Don't worry. We'll meet again.