EP. 03-1E  Data Retrieval Ⅰ (1)

In a tactical control center in Area S09 under Griffin jurisdiction...

Kalina Mornin', Commander!

Kalina So, Griffin has another important mission for us

Kalina No other commander knows Area S09 better than you, so no one could possibly beat you to the job.
Like I said, we have a real edge here!

Kalina That's right. This is where we engaged Hunter's forces.
But of course, Hunter isn't here anymore. Unless she could backup her neural cloud like our T-Dolls, that is.
Anyway, time to roll up your sleeves, Commander!

EP. 03-1E  Data Retrieval Ⅰ (2)

...Combat over.

Kalina Uh... Why...are there so many enemy units...?
...Could it be a new Ringleader?!

Kalina I'm sorry... I shouldn't have taken a job without your permission, Commander.
I didn't expect this to happen...

Kalina Huh? It's okay?

Kalina It's an opportunity...?

Kalina You're right, it's an opportunity! An opportunity to get stronger!
Never thought you'd be the one to encourage me.

Kalina We can take it one step at a time. Let's do our best together!