EP. 03-1N  Anonymous Rescue Ⅰ (1)

Griffin Control, Area S09.

Makarov Zdravstvuyte, Commander. Griffin unit Makarov salutes you.
Though this mission is a disgrace in itself, it is my honor to serve under your command.

M1895 Hey, what do you mean, 'a disgrace'?! You're to rescue a veteran with very venerable history!

Makarov As you can see, this is our rescue target this time - a T-Doll designated 'Nagant M1895'.
You probably already know her... Or should I say, you can't possible NOT know her...

M1895 Haha, why would the commander not know me? Remember how our friendship burgeoned on the very first battlefield?

Makarov You probably find it hard to understand the point in rescuing such an old, weak, noisy and commonplace T-Doll.

M1895 Hey, watch it! Or I'll appeal to Gospozha Helian to demote you! A demotion, you hear?!

Makarov However, during our last operation, she inadvertently discovered an important object that needs to be brought to HQ post-haste.

M1895 Hurry up already, Makarov! I'm still holed up in a Sangvis warehouse!

Makarov Nagant M1895, do you remember the number of the warehouse? Or at least give me some description to work with.

M1895 I told you. I rushed right in so I didn't pay attention. It's crawling with Sangvis mechanical units outside. I'm dead meat if I go out!

Makarov (Sighs) Then please stand by. We'll come as quickly as we can.

Makarov In any case, let's make our first move.
As Griffin's main forces are aiding in a military operation, we are severely understaffed here.
We'll have to join up with the T-Dolls stationed in the area and rely on their assistance.
Commander, please guide us on our way.

EP. 03-1N  Anonymous Rescue Ⅰ (2)

Arrived at the designated location.

Makarov Calling Mosin-Nagant. We've reached our destination.

Mosin-Nagant Copy that. I've sent two T-Dolls to meet up with you. They should be there any minute.

Makarov You're not coming? It's your little sister we're rescuing, you know.

Mosin-Nagant (Forced laughter) All elite T-Dolls have been sent out to provide backup on the military's request.

Makarov Humph. All for show...
In other words, the T-Dolls you're sending me aren't very good, are they...?

?? Hey, they're over there! Hurry!

?? Oh, I see them! Coming!

Makarov That sounds like...
(Sighs) Oh dear...

AK-47 Haha! Long time no see, Makarov!

SKS So what important mission do you have for a combat expert like me?

Makarov None. Screw off.

AK-47 Oh c'mon, don't be so cold. We're still seasoned veterans, okay?

Makarov Sorry. We're looking for infiltrators, not a pair of crazy Ivans.

SKS Don't underestimate us. We didn't trigger a single alarm on our way here.

AK-47 'Cause we shot everyone who saw us full of holes, haha!

Makarov ...
I still think we're better off without you two.

AK-47 That won't do. Nagant is our dear friend. We can't just sit here and do nothing!

SKS At least let us do something. It's not like you have anyone else.

Makarov Humph. Khorosho.
Even bad students are students. I'll make do with you.

Makarov Behave. If you don't wanna be cannon fodder, you'd better obey my orders.