EP. 03-2  Intercepted Intelligence (1)

Helian Commander, M4A1 reported the situations of the other members on the AR Team.
HQ wants you to give them reinforcement. We will assist you to a certain extent by providing intelligence.
The AR Team can only safely evacuate if the Sangvis communication outpost in the area is secured and shut down.
When taking over the outpost, Commander, please upload the data stored in the system. We might find information about the local Ringleader.
All right, please move out. Godspeed.

EP. 03-2  Intercepted Intelligence (2)

Somewhere at Griffin Control...

ST AR-15 Do you copy, M4? This is AR-15.

M4A1 Copy! Are you all right, AR-15?

M4 SOPMOD II What about me, M4?! I was worried sick about you but you didn't even ask about me!

M4A1 SOP-II! Are you there too?

M4 SOPMOD II We're both fine. We've come to rendezvous after receiving your signal.

M4A1 Good. M16 is still on the way, so we are to focus on getting to you first.
AR-15, shall we make this our rendezvous point?

ST AR-15 ...

M4A1 AR-15?

ST AR-15 ...Ah, sure. Over.

M4 SOPMOD II What? Wait, wait, wait! I haven't finished talki...

AR-15's hiding place...

M4 SOPMOD II Sheesh, AR-15! We finally got in touch with M4!

ST AR-15 Shut up. You can talk all you want after you meet up.
Also, now isn't the time...to keep up communication.

AR-15... You mean...

ST AR-15 That's right... Our call was being monitored.
We're targeted...by someone dangerous...

M4 SOPMOD II Wait! Where are you going?

ST AR-15 Don't follow me, SOP-II.
You have your own mission - to meet up with M4.
While I...have something else to settle.