EP. 03-2E  Data Retrieval Ⅱ (1)

Kalina Commander, this time we need to collect data in this area.
The new Sangvis troops are quite a handful, but...don't panic.
Let's begin...the operation...slowly...calmly...

Kalina Huh? I-I'm very calm, you know!
All right. I'll take care of the logistics. Go and look after the T-Dolls on the frontline!

EP. 03-2E  Data Retrieval Ⅱ (2)

Kalina We won! You were awesome, Commander!

Kalina Then shall we take a look at our next task?

Kalina Hmm?
You wanna see...our spoils?

Several large military hard drives were moved in.

Kalina Here you go.
We can't see what's stored inside without technicians though.

Kalina ...Ok. Then I'll put them back into the storage.
At this rate, everything's gonna be fine, Commander!