EP. 03-2N  Anonymous Rescue Ⅱ (1)

Makarov Commander, our rescue mission has now officially commenced.
We have to take over a local Sangvis outpost to locate the warehouse we're looking for.
The nearest outpost is as indicated. Please guide us on our way.

EP. 03-2N  Anonymous Rescue Ⅱ (2)

Outpost secured.

Makarov Outpost secured. Flawlessly done, Commander.
I shall start decoding the data. Get me a chair, SKS.

SKS Ha, and where do you suggest I get a chair? We couldn't even find the door knob when we came in.

AK-47 Hmm... How can Sangvis units bear rotting in this dumpster?

SKS This place is only for those in the lower ranks. You should be glad there's a charging port.

AK-47 Ha, I pity those pugs and angelfish.

SKS You aren't a fish. How do you even know they're pitiful?

AK-47 Just look at this place. Not a single drop of vodka. I can't stand being in here for even half an hour.

SKS See, AK47, that's your problem. You mustn't indulge in such worldly material gratification.
You should always be contemplating the purpose of our existence as T-Dolls.

AK-47 Tch. So you're saying, those Sangvis trash have a higher form of existence than me?

Makarov What kind of nonsense are you two prattling about?

SKS Aren't you the least bit intrigued, Makarov? About the origin and objective of Sangvis T-Dolls?

Makarov They are enemies who threaten Griffin's interests. We just have to destroy them.

SKS Humph. Surely you know quite a lot, Makarov, since you're such good buddies with OTs-14.

AK-47 That's right. C'mon, give us some insider story!

Makarov ...
There, target location acquired. Break time's over.

SKS Hey! You know something, don't you?! You must know quite a lot, Makarov!

Makarov ...What difference does knowing make?
AK47, SKS, no matter what we know, our order as T-Dolls will never change.
Destroying Sangvis Ferri is all we have to do. So let's continue our mission.