EP. 03-3  Covert Reinforcement (1)

M4A1 Welcome, Commander.
I am taking the liberty to brief you on this operation as a member of the AR Team. Please pardon the presumptuousness.
Apart from me, the AR Team is comprised of three other T-Dolls, two of which are our current reinforcement targets.
Our objective is to fend off Sangvis troops in the area so that they can transit to the rendezvous point.
Even though I have only come under your command recently, your previous operations have convinced me that you are an outstanding commander.
Thank you very much for your help. Let us be on our way.

EP. 03-3  Covert Reinforcement (2)

Under the cover of our troops, M4A1 reached the rendezvous point...

M4A1 AR-15, SOP-II. M4A1 has reached the destination. Are you here yet?

M4 SOPMOD II I'm here, M4!
Hahahaha, thank goodness!
You had me so worried!

M4A1 Phew... I am glad you are okay. Where is AR-15?


M4A1 ...Hmm? What happened to her?

M4 SOPMOD II M4, keep calm and listen to me.
Our call was somehow tapped by a Sangvis Ringleader...
AR-15 is disrupting enemy pursuit to buy us time.

M4A1 Time? Time for what?

M4 SOPMOD II They...are already en route... to your control center.

M4A1 What? You mean...Sangvis troops?

M4 SOPMOD II Yes, the local Ringleader is already on the move.
Take me back right now and I'll explain!