EP. 03-3E  Data Retrieval Ⅲ (1)

Kalina You're here already, Commander?

Kalina As always, do your best. Come with me!

Kalina These are the new coordinates. Griffin wants us to retrieve the data here.
Hopefully it's the last. We should be nearing the end.
Okay, Commander. Get ready to move out!

EP. 03-3E  Data Retrieval Ⅲ (2)

Kalina Great! That's the last of them.
Now we just have to wait for our teams to transport the hard drives here, and we're done.

Kalina Huh? What's that alarm...?

Kalina Oh no, Commander!
A unit just reported a Sangvis ambush on their way back to base!
Our T-Dolls are uninjured, but all our spoils were taken away by a Sangvis convoy!

Kalina What...do we do now?

Kalina ...Yeah. Our only choice is to track their movements for now. We'll think about the rest later.
But...as you've said, it's a bit odd.

Kalina What exactly...is so important that Sangvis Ferri would guard with such heavy forces...?