EP. 03-3N  Anonymous Rescue Ⅲ (1)

Makarov Commander, our next move is key.
We've confirmed Tovarishch Nagant's whereabouts, and must rescue her immediately.
Our target is in a warehouse abandoned by Sangvis Ferri, as you probably remember.
Let's go. Tovarishch Nagant is waiting for us.

EP. 03-3N  Anonymous Rescue Ⅲ (2)

Entering the warehouse in which Nagant has taken refuge.

Makarov We've entered the warehouse. Now searching for our target.

AK-47 Found her. Over here!

M1895 Ugh...

AK-47 Oh? So you've still got your brains with you. How many fingers?

M1895 That was so fast no one could've counted! You're confusing me!

AK-47 Makarov, I got the devochka!
But her eyes and brains seem to be damaged. What should we do?!

M1895 What the heck?! I'm just groggy from sleep! I'm totally fine!


SKS That noise...

AK-47 Oh? Sangvis sniffed us out so soon?

Makarov They're probably just probing around. They don't know our exact location yet.

...The sound of heavy mechanical units approaching.

M1895 Dammit! Enemy units have already reached this warehouse. We won't make it out!

AK-47 SKS and I will draw their fire. Take the devochka and run, Makarov!

Makarov Acting all heroic at a time like this?

AK-47 I have no interest in being a hero, but I can't just stand here and do nothing.

SKS If you wanna repay this debt, make us look cool in Griffin's battle records.

Makarov ...

Makarov Unlike those star-spangled T-Dolls, I don't like making big flashy moves.
But I'm not good at lying.
If you want to look good in the records, go back alive and write them yourselves.


SKS W...What's that explosion...

Makarov ...Our last stroke of luck. Don't waste it.