EP. 03-4  Defensive Operation (1)

M4A1 Commander, this is another member of the AR Team, M4 SOPMOD...

Commander, there's no time to explain. Get in the car!

M4A1 What are you doing? The commander has no plan of escaping!

M4 SOPMOD II But AR-15 said that Sangvis troops are gonna invade Griffin Control soon.

M4 SOPMOD II We can't hold off so many units with just the two of us, M4!

M4A1 Do not worry, SOP-II. We are not on our own this time.
The Commander and all the T-Dolls at the control center will fight together with us.

M4 SOPMOD II Oh? We finally...have companions?

M4A1 (Nods) Yes. It is what you have always wanted, is it not?
Are you ready to work hard alongside new companions?

M4 SOPMOD II (Grins) Always! Commander, please give the order!

EP. 03-4  Defensive Operation (2)

Sangvis invasion deflected. Mission accomplished.

M4 SOPMOD II Sangvis is retreating! I did it!

M4A1 Do not cheer only for yourself, SOP-II. This is the fruit of everyone's labor.

M4 SOPMOD II I contributed, Commander! Praise me!

M4A1 (Sighs) Look at you, wagging your tail only at the commander. Is it really so bad when I give orders?

M4 SOPMOD II Oh my, so even M4 gets jealous?
I just find the commander the most dependable.

M4A1 Fair enough. Then do your best serving under the commander.

M4 SOPMOD II Okay! I'll be good!
I'll do whatever Commander says as long as...I can tear that 'Hunter' to pieces!

M4A1 Hunter?

M4 SOPMOD II SP721 'Hunter', the Sangvis Ringleader in this area according to AR-15's investigation.

M4A1 Then...where is AR-15?

M4 SOPMOD II She...drew Hunter away so that I could retreat.
Commander, Hunter is a wily bastard. AR-15 won't last long on her own!

Sangvis Control.

ST AR-15 ...

Hunter Is that all you've got? I thought you'd at least have something up your sleeve, coming here to die alone.

ST AR-15 My carelessness has put everyone at risk. If I can somehow make up for my mistake...

Hunter The AR Team is a group of Griffin T-Dolls that can operate independently without human direction, and you are part of it.
You seem so rational you almost come off as ruthless on my record, yet you turn out to be so impulsive.
I had thought we could understand each other. How disappointing...

ST AR-15 Your intel is too superficial. Perhaps it's time to upgrade your database.

Hunter Sure we will. All the problems will be solved once I get my hands on my prey.

ST AR-15 M4A1... Why do you want her so badly?!

Hunter That's not important, AR-15. The point is, you're gonna be the bait that lures M4 here.

ST AR-15 ...

Hunter You must pay for your impulsiveness, AR-15.
A true hunter would have chosen to remain silent.