EP. 03-4E  Data Retrieval Ⅳ (1)

Kalina Commander, we've got a hold on enemy movement.

Kalina Oddly enough, they haven't gone very far. They've actually set up camp somewhere close by.

Kalina We've defended against their attack here before, do you remember?
In any case, it's time to take back our trophies!
Give the order, Commander!

EP. 03-4E  Data Retrieval Ⅳ (2)

Kalina Congrats, Commander! We got them back!

Kalina Our technicians have also had new breakthroughs with extracting data from the hard drives we acquired before...
Here's the recording, Commander. Listen to it when you have time.

Kalina I'm submitting the report to HQ first.
It's a huge victory this time! We gotta celebrate properly!

Kalin took off.
Loading recording data. Start playing...

The voice belongs to the Sangvis T-Doll Hunter.

Hunter ...That's everything I've learned.
With that, all intelligence collected by Scarecrow, Executioner and me has been uploaded.

?? ...
In other words, the data in Safe House 3 are still on M4A1?
How careless of them. Griffin doesn't seem to realise just how valuable these data are.
They simply have no clue about 'Parapluie' or 'Relique'...

Hunter Humph. In any case, my job here is done.
I'm going back to my hunt.

?? Hunting again...? How savage.
Why can't any of my subordinates have a little taste?

Hunter Unlike you, Intruder, I don't fancy awaiting my death sitting on a chair, dressed in a ballgown.

Intruder And that's why...a chess piece for me to sacrifice is all you'll ever be.
Do you regret serving under my command?

Hunter Humph... It's not like I had a choice.
If dying means getting away from you, then I'm in luck.

Intruder Don't worry. I'll keep the data safe.
After all, my next objective is to give them all a spectacular finale.

Hunter (Sighs) You're sick. Just how obsessed are you with finales?
Thank goodness the operation is about to begin. I can finally get away from you.


Intruder That's all right. I'll be waiting for you.
You'll all be waking up together, everyone.