EP. 03-4N  Anonymous Rescue Ⅳ (1)

AK-47 Phew... Safe at last.
That was quite an explosion. Those Sangvis units didn't even have time to run.

SKS How did you know we're right next to their powder keg storage, Makarov?

Makarov I found out when I was searching for Nagant's warehouse.

SKS You've thought of everything, haven't you. As expected of the one who's earned even Mosin-Nagant's trust.

M1895 Hey, Makarov only got the chance because I'd forgotten where the warehouse was! It's all thanks to me!

SKS It all started because of you... By the way, what's that thing you're clutching?

M1895 No idea. It has Griffin's logo on it so I just took it with me.

Makarov ...
Enough chit-chat. We're not completely out of danger yet.
Commander, are you there? We can't go back the way we came.
Please lead us away from the battlefield.

EP. 03-4N  Anonymous Rescue Ⅳ (2)

Five hours after the end of the operation, outside the conference room at Griffin HQ.

OTs-14 They're still rambling on in there. How are you doing, Mosin-Nagant?

Mosin-Nagant Hmm. I...I'll be fine.

OTs-14 You must be bored out of your mind standing here like a china doll...while worrying about your sister...

Mosin-Nagant Makarov's on it so I have no reason to worry. But there's still no news...

OTs-14 That area used to be an important base for Sangvis. It'd take time to figure it out.
Don't worry. Helian has even sent a commander to help them...

Mosin-Nagant Hush... If the military catch wind of this...

OTs-14 You're right. They won't want us to use the commander for something like this.
Still... Helian actually dispatched a commander to save Nagant.

Mosin-Nagant Da, I'm very grateful for her decision.
No matter why she did it or how it turns out...

M1895 Haha, there you are, Mosin-Nagant!

Mosin-Nagant Huh...?

M1895 I made it back! Did you miss me?

OTs-14 Humph. Things seem to have turned out pretty well.

AK-47 Gosh... We're dead beat.

SKS But this reunion scene makes it all worthwhile.

Mosin-Nagant Bolshoe spasibo, AK47, SKS...
And...where's Makarov?

M1895 She's off to see Helian. Got something important to report, I think.

AK-47 Is it the thingie you had in your hand? She took it with her.

SKS What on earth is it? Is it really that valuable?

M1895 That...
Is just a normal communicator, as far as I know.

Meanwhile, in Helian's office.

Helian The operation was a huge success. You and the commander will receive your commendations very soon.

Makarov Spasibo.
Forgive me for being presumptuous, but is there something special with this communication device?

Helian Oh? You don't usually ask such questions.

Makarov I'm just a little intrigued...by the order we received.

Helian This is an item left behind by AR-15. We have reason to believe that Sangvis might have tampered with it.
16Lab wishes to study it. It might just...become the key to our victory.

Makarov ...I see.
We couldn't have succeeded this time without the commander's guidance.

Helian I expected as much. So?

Makarov If...
If Nagant hadn't been in possession of this item, would you still have sent the commander to help us?

Helian ...
Makarov, you...

Helian (Smiles) You seem to have gained an interest in your own purpose.

Makarov Da...
Or you could say, I have gained an interest...in ourselves.