EP. 03-5  Swift Counterattack (1)

Helian Commander, I'm calling you to give you a new mission.
Thanks to you, the Sangvis Ringleader lurking in Area S09 has finally been identified.
SP721 'Hunter' is a highly dangerous Sangvis T-Doll.
We must launch an immediate search and make preparations for follow-up actions.
Other Griffin troops will also prepare to surround her.
We're handing this important mission to you
Scout the surroundings of Hunter's lair and report its defense to HQ.

EP. 03-5  Swift Counterattack (2)

Scouting in progress...

Hunter Humph. You really did show up, M4A1.

M4A1 Someone has entered the channel. That voice...

M4 SOPMOD II Hunter! It's that Sangvis!

Hunter Oh? Is that brat here as well?
In any case, as you've probably guessed, I have AR-15.

M4 SOPMOD II Struggling till your last breath, bitch?!

Hunter Humph. More like it's part of my hunting strategy.
Griffin can't take this place in short notice anyway. There's no point in keeping up this stalemate.
Drop your weapon and surrender to me, M4A1, and you can have AR-15.
Now here's some proof...


ST AR-15 Don't listen to her, M4! It's all my...


Hunter I believe her words will make you give the response that I want.
Don't put your money on Griffin. They have no way of coming in.
Make your choice soon. Griffin isn't giving us much time.