EP. 03-6  No Hunting (1)

M4 SOPMOD II Have you made up you mind, M4?

M4A1 I cannot abandon my companion...
If it were AR-15, she'd do the same.

M4 SOPMOD II She definitely would, but you're not her.
You're the commander of the AR Team. You have the responsibility to lead us, don't you?

M4A1 I...

...!! An alarm went off in the control center.

M4A1 That is...the emergency assemble signal!

M4 SOPMOD II Hmm? What could it be at a time like this?

Meanwhile, Griffin Control, Area S09.

Helian ...So that's the gist of it, Commander.
The Sangvis troops suddenly went out of control, taking most of their units out of action.
We don't know the cause of their malfunction, but this is undoubtedly the perfect chance to attack.
Move out immediately. Find Hunter and finish her!
It's up to you to deal a fatal blow on Sangvis Ferri, Commander!

EP. 03-6  No Hunting (2)

Sangvis Control.

ST AR-15 What an unsightly defeat, Hunter.

Hunter I don't understand. How...

ST AR-15 I modified your command from within your own system, causing this mayhem.

Hunter Impossible. You don't have Sangvis authorization!

ST AR-15 It's a skill I picked up without even noticing. Came in quite handy, didn't it?
Maybe I'm actually special. What do you think, Hunter?

Hunter ...
Don't tell me...you deliberately let yourself get caught.

ST AR-15 ...
You said it yourself. 'A true hunter would have chosen to remain silent.'
Of course, now you will be thoroughly silenced, Sangvis.

One hour later, at the rendezvous point.

M4 SOPMOD II Look!! It's AR-15! She's here!

ST AR-15 You two sure took your sweet time. God knows how long I'd be stuck in there if I had been counting on you.

M4A1 AR-15... Glad you are okay.

ST AR-15 M4, if this commotion hadn't happened, were you really going to trade yourself for me?

M4A1 I...I do not know...

ST AR-15 I don't care what you were thinking, M4A1. You're the leader. Don't make stupid decisions next time.

M4A1 But I...

ST AR-15 We each have our own responsibilities, M4A1, and that means sometimes we don't have a choice.
Not to mention M16 is still awaiting rescue.

M4A1 Yes... I will think things through more carefully next time.

M4 SOPMOD II Ooooh, AR-15 just said something really cool.

ST AR-15 ...Come here. Let me tell you something.

M4 SOPMOD II Wait! I haven't even said anything!

ST AR-15 You won't need to. I'm gonna shut you up for good.

M4 SOPMOD II M4! Commander! Help!

M4A1 ... (Sighs)
Only you left, M16.