EP. 04-1  Assist the Mercenaries (1)

Griffin Control, Area S09.

Helian You've successfully defeated Hunter and given us a chance to restore a human settlement, Commander.
But there's no time to celebrate. We must begin our next move.
According to the information acquired by the AR Team, there are files hidden in Area S09 that concerns Sangvis' important plans.
We have deployed a team of T-Dolls to investigate.
Your mission this time is to help them reach their destination. Please take a look...

Helian The team was ambushed in this territory of dispute.
I want you to intervene from the side and provide them with cover, Commander.

EP. 04-1  Assist the Mercenaries (2)

In an abandoned Sangvis command post.

416 Arrived at the destination 20 minutes ahead of time.

UMP45 ...♪
It's just so efficient with a human commander's support.
Remember to thank the commander with ALL you've got, okay?

416 Mind your own business. I'll only do it if you give me a direct order.
Still, are you sure this is the place?

UMP45 Yep, this is where the AR Team got pulverized by Agent.
Now you can savor it right where that pal of yours had suffered.

416 ...
I really wanna throw you into a trash compactor as well...

UMP45 Heheh ♪. Gotta finish the job first though.

416 (Sighs) That's just like you.
Data recovered. We have Agent's coordinates.
Tell 9 to stop messing around and continue the pursuit.

UMP45 There. That should be everything.
But what...are you doing, 416?
Ah♪. Looking for clues about your pal, eh?

416 Such a chance doesn't come by every day. I won't let her off.

UMP45 All right, all right. I'll leave you to it then.
I'll go check out the info 9 got. Don't go overboard on your own.
She can be very dangerous when she gets serious. You know that better than any of us.