EP. 04-1E  Reminiscing Ⅰ (1)

Griffin Lounge.

Kalina Commander, I have a special mission to report today.
Since it concerns the AR Team, I'll let them explain.

M4A1 ...

Kalina ...M4A1?

M4A1 Ah, sorry!
I was not aware that you are here, Commander.

Kalina What a rare sight. Even Miss M4 spaces out, huh.

M4A1 Space out? Not really. I was just...

Kalina M4 always looks like she's got her head in the clouds, so I never thought she'd space out so deliberately.

M4A1 Fine... I was spacing out.
Or should I say...thinking about something.
Still... Back to the subject. I am here to report a situation.
While my team was organizing our previous battle records, we noticed that a set of nearby coordinates had been altered.

M4A1 This is it. An abandoned database.
The database itself seems fine, but its current coordinates clearly do not match its location as previously indicated.

Kalina That's right, you don't see this happen every day. Should we look into it, Commander?
If it turns out to be a new Sangvis strategy to trick us, we'll become heroes!

EP. 04-1E  Reminiscing Ⅰ (2)

Combat over. Assembled at the camp.

M4A1 Commander, Miss Kalin. This is what we discovered at the coordinates.

Kalina That's...an audio file?

M4A1 Yes. I will play it now.

Audio starts playing...
'...in your...'
...End of recording.

Kalina 'They...are in your...house?'

Kalina What does that mean? Who's in my house?

M4A1 It makes no sense. Could it be some kind of code?

Kalina Hmm... It does seem to be encrypted at first glance.
Hold on a sec. I'll go take a look...

Kalina Done! Looks like we've got ourselves a new set of coordinates!

M4A1 I did not expect...Miss Kalin to be so capable.

Kalina What? You're practically calling me an idiot!
But of course you wouldn't know such an archaic encryption method!
Still... we can hardly learn anything from just a set of coordinates and some nonsense like 'your house'.

M4A1 ...'Neural cloud'.
The so-called 'neural cloud' is the host of our memories for us T-Dolls...
Even though the original body can create a large number of dummies to protect itself through dummy links.

Kalina But even so, the original body is still at risk of being destroyed under extreme circumstances.

M4A1 Indeed. Once the original body is annihilated, the T-Doll loses all its memories and is reverted back to its factory settings.
Which is why when network connection and logistics allow, T-Dolls always backup their own neural clouds before deployment.
Or in our language, upload our memories to the server.

Kalina Backing up neural clouds takes a really long time, but it's definitely worth it for the sake of preserving your battle experience.

M4A1 During infiltrations, though, T-Dolls cannot upload any data to the server back at base in order to remain undetected.
In this case, we backup our memories to video logs to constitute easy recovery in the future and to provide information for others.

Kalina Right... So you suspect this to be a backup copy of someone's neural cloud?

M4A1 It is just a wild guess. We need more information.

Kalina In any case, we seem to have stumbled across something intriguing. Don't you agree, Commander?

Kalina Exactly! Then let's hurry towards our next coordinates! I wonder what we'll find there.