EP. 04-2  Cut Off Reinforcement (1)

Helian This Sangvis attack is no trivial matter, Commander. The situation isn't looking very good.
The team has identified the local Sangvis Ringleader as 'Intruder'.
She seems to be a new model as there is no other information about her in Sangvis Ferri's old product catalogue.
But from what we've learned in our investigation, unlike previous T-Dolls that are suited for solo combat, this one specializes in issuing commands.
Block the route on the side. We must do whatever we can to undermine her defensive maneuvers.
That's the only way to intercept Sangvis reinforcement and prevent them from pouring into the battlefield.

EP. 04-2  Cut Off Reinforcement (2)

Griffin Lounge.

M4A1 ...That's...a comm signal?

M16A1 ...Calling. Calling.

M4A1 ...?!

M16A1 Uh... M4A1, do you copy?

M4A1 M16... Is that M16?! How are you doing?!

M16A1 Ah... There you are, M4.
Then you're with the others?

M4A1 AR-15 and SOP-II are both here. We are only missing you.

M16A1 Thank goodness.
Don't worry. I'm fine. I managed to find a depot so I'm not low on supplies for the time being, but I've still got some business to attend to.

M4A1 What business do you have? When are you coming back?!

M16A1 Well... We'll see!
Ah, gotta go!

M4A1 Hello? Hey! M16!