EP. 04-2E  Reminiscing Ⅱ (1)

M4A1 Hello, Commander. Let us pinpoint our next coordinates.
According to our sources, there are still a large amount of Sangvis dummies in the area.
(Smiles) Are they giving you a headache, Commander?

M4 SOPMOD II It's war. What can we do about it, eh?
War! It never changes!

M4A1 Do not just pop up from behind, SOP-II!

M4 SOPMOD II Heheh, it's an important reaction training!

M4A1 Sheesh... You heard from Miss Kalina?

M4 SOPMOD II Yep, she's still submitting her report, so she asked me to come over.

M4A1 Not only Commander... Even Miss Kalina takes such good care of us. We are so lucky.

M4 SOPMOD II So where are the next coordinates?

M4A1 This is it.

M4 SOPMOD II Ohh! Here?! Lemme see!

M4A1 Stop...leaning on me, SOP-II! You are too heavy!

M4 SOPMOD II Oh! I know this place! I even ran into a dummy of a Sangvis Ringleader here! Then...

M4A1 Stop. I can imagine what happened next...

M4A1 Commander, please destroy the Sangvis signal outpost here. We will then take the spoils.

EP. 04-2E  Reminiscing Ⅱ (2)

M4 SOPMOD II Look, Commander!
A second set of coordinates, and...
Ta-daa! The right eyeball of that Sangvis Ringleader dummy!
Heheh♪ I only got the left one last time. With this, I finally have the whole pair!

M4A1 Stop, SOP-II. You are scaring the commander.
(Sighs) Sorry, Commander, for letting you see SOP-II's true colors.
SOP-II, the notorious T-Doll sadist on the battlefield.

M4 SOPMOD II Huuuhhhhhhh?!
That's too much, M4! I thought we're family!

M4A1 So you do not deny your behavior...

M4 SOPMOD II Humph. That's how villains ought to be treated, right?!

M4A1 You only do it because that is how you get your kicks...

M4 SOPMOD II C'mon! These Sangvis units have so many funny parts it'd be a shame not to tear them out and play with them!

M4A1 Eyeballs? Fingers? Teeth? And the...

M4 SOPMOD II Hmm? What are you talking about?

M4A1 (Sighs) ...Whatever. I am just glad that we are on the same side, SOP-II.

M4 SOPMOD II Heheh, it's fate! We're meant to be the best of mates!

M4A1 (Forced laughter) ...Indeed. Fate always makes the best arrangements.
All right, let us listen to this audio file.

M4 SOPMOD II Hurry up! I can't wait!

Audio starts playing...
'...in your...'
...End of recording.

M4 SOPMOD II 'They are in your...car'? What does that mean?

M4A1 The sentence itself does not mean anything. Take the file to Miss Kalina first.

M4 SOPMOD II Don't worry. I'll have Commander escort me there!

M4A1 Please take care along the way, Commander. If SOP-II suddenly goes berserk, please feel free to call me anytime.

M4 SOPMOD II Don't make me sound like some sort of monster, dammit!