EP. 04-3  Break Through Enemy Lines (1)

M4 SOPMOD II M4... Still no news from M16?

M4A1 She...

ST AR-15 ...Hold on. Someone's making a public broadcast!

M4A1 ...!

Intruder Pleased to meet you, everyone.
Still awaiting news from your companion? Perhaps you should focus on what's at hand.

ST AR-15 Intruder... I didn't expect you to make an appearance so soon.

Intruder It would be discourteous of me if I didn't entertain guests who grace my land with their presence.
First of all, I need to congratulate you on cutting off my reinforcements in our last battle.
But that was only one of my many supply lines so I'm not offended in the slightest.

M4A1 That was just the beginning, Sangvis...

M4A1 We will be targeting your defenses next. Prepare to surrender.

Intruder I'm afraid Master will object, but I'm more than glad to welcome you.
Please inform your commander, it's officially show time.

M4A1 There will be no need for that, Intruder.
...We are already at your door.
Commander, please give the order.

EP. 04-3  Break Through Enemy Lines (2)

Meanwhile, at M16A1's hiding spot...

M16A1 (Sighs)
I boasted my way through the call, but I'd actually appreciate a little help.

M16A1 I'm guessing you're not here to help, are you?

??? A Sangvis would've been a more welcome sight than me, wouldn't it?

M16A1 It doesn't matter either way. It's not like I hadn't seen this coming.
But as a Griffin T-Doll, you should at least give a reason for killing someone other than Sangvis units.

??? With the authorized rights exclusive to Squad 404, I can attack any T-Doll that hinders my actions, friend and enemy alike.

M16A1 Damn... What convenient rights to have. I'm a bit jealous.

??? Shut up, M16!
You know...the price you have to pay...

M16A1 (Shrugs) ...Seriously, am I really such an eyesore?

??? To be honest, I have never been particularly glad about my authorization...until now.

M16A1 To be honest, I was quite fond of you back at National Security. But that was then.
And now, we're finally showing our hand...

M16A1 ...HK416.

416 Let's begin, M16A1.
At long last. You can't run this time.