EP. 04-3E  Reminiscing Ⅲ (1)

M4A1 Good morning, Commander. And Miss Kalina.

Kalina Hmm, the decryption was pretty easy. I found the third set of coordinates right away!

M4A1 I find it hard to understand...how you figured out the decryption method.

Kalina That's 'cause it's a very primitive form of encryption that can't be decrypted just by AI.
I may not look like it, but I do know quite a lot of random things.

M4A1 But...if those are fragments of an T-Doll's neural cloud, why would they be encrypted in such a way...

Kalina That is the mystery. Whatever the case, let's look at the coordinates first.

M4A1 As indicated by the coordinates, it should be around here.
Commander, once you have cleaned up the field, the AR Team will acquire the new spoils for you.

Kalina All right, Commander. Shall we?

EP. 04-3E  Reminiscing Ⅲ (2)

M4A1 This...is the third recording.
Then, I shall play it...

Audio starts playing...
'...in the skies...'
...End of recording.

M4A1 'They are...in the skies'?
What on earth does that mean?

ST AR-15 Nothing. Just some random verse.

ST AR-15 Can't believe you guys are actually studying them so seriously.

M4A1 AR-15, you are here.

ST AR-15 Just wanna see what we're risking our lives for.

M4A1 This operation is issued and directed by none other than the commander. We should not have any objections.

ST AR-15 I don't have any objections whatsoever, but if all we get in the end are these mystifying recordings...it'll be a waste of effort.

M4A1 There is still one last recording left. Once we have it, everything will be clear.

ST AR-15 Better be careful, M4A1. As you know, our neural clouds can't be backed up to Griffin's server.
If we're destroyed, we'll... (shrugs)

M4A1 Rest assured. Now that we are all finally reunited, I will not lose a single one of you again.

ST AR-15 Humph. Getting confident, aren't we, M4A1? You'd have started doubting yourself if it was before.

M4A1 This is because...our last separation made me realize what it is like to lose you.
I do not know if I have indeed become more confident, but I must fulfil my responsibilities in order to avoid making the same mistakes again.

ST AR-15 That's good, but don't push yourself too hard.
For us T-Dolls, the worst nightmare isn't death, but disappointment.

M4A1 AR-15...
Have you actually experienced...'death'...?

ST AR-15 ...
What meaning is there...to an T-Doll's 'death'?
If these recordings are really left behind by a T-Doll, does her feelings matter all that much, compared to the truth?

M4A1 AR-15... We are already very lucky to have the commander take us in and care for us. It is like...having a home.

ST AR-15 Sorry, Commander. I didn't mean to bring this up...
But we're just a bunch of AIs. Tools made for fighting. That's all we are.
Now let's finish our mission, M4A1.

M4A1 Okay. Miss Kalina has sent us the coordinates. I am going to confirm the location...

ST AR-15 ...Hold on.

ST AR-15 These coordinates...
Can it be...that place from before?

M4A1 Before?

ST AR-15 Where we ran into Agent in Area S09.