EP. 04-4  Search for Companions (1)

Helian We have a new task for you, Commander.
The team in charge of this mission has cut off communication for some reason.
We can't get in touch with them. Please find out their whereabouts.
Beware of this Ringleader. Intruder is best known for her plots and schemes.
She may not have launched any large-scale counterattacks yet, but we mustn't slack off on scouting missions.

EP. 04-4  Search for Companions (2)

Meanwhile, at M16A1's hiding spot...
Combat over.

416 Why...
I am obviously the more outstanding T-Doll...

M16A1 Experience, reaction, training. You fall short in all of the above.

416 You never run out of excuses...M16A1.
Tell me, what am I to you?!

M16A1 (Forced laughter) Oh, please. You really wanna know?

M16A1 Then I'll tell you, HK416.
You mean absolutely nothing to me. Got it?
You're worthless. You're boring. You're nothing to me.

416 ...
That's what I hate you about you, M16...
You always look so self-assured no matter what situation you're in...
Don't you have a single weak moment, bastard?!

M16A1 ...(Sighs)
No T-Doll is completely emotionless. That's the problem...
A gal is anxiously waiting for me to go home. I'm in a rush.
So stand aside, 416.
After all... You don't really have the heart to pull no punches with me, do you?

416 So that's your weakness, M16...

M16A1 ...
Learn when to keep your mouth shut. And remember this lesson.
Or I'll make your AI compute a reasoning to commit suicide.