EP. 04-4E  Reminiscing Ⅳ (1)

M16A1 Right. These coordinates are pretty close by...

M16A1 The safe house...where we almost got wiped out.
Now that I think about it, that was honestly the most dangerous operation the AR Team has ever carried out.
I'm sure you felt that better than any of us, M4.

M4A1 ...Indeed.

M4A1 ...Agent.

M16A1 Now, I wonder who had left us all this stuff?

M4A1 No idea. We only have a chance to figure it out by finding the last coordinates.

M16A1 But...it is just a chance...

M4A1 That's more than enough. Let's look at the map, one last time.

M4A1 The commander has already approved of this operation. Griffin troops are now forging the way for us.

M16A1 Ha, our mighty commander seems pretty fired up about this.

M4A1 The commander said it is a chance to produce some results for HQ.

M16A1 You believe that? I, for one, think the commander is simply up for a challenge... I like this kind of gusto.

M4A1 But...it is just a chance...

M16A1 It's good enough. Let's go...
...One last time.

EP. 04-4E  Reminiscing Ⅳ (2)

Audios start playing...
'They are in your house.'
'They are in your car.'
'They are in the skies...'

M16A1 So these are the previous recordings?

M4 SOPMOD II That's right. They simply make no sense! 'In your house, in your car, in the skies...'

ST AR-15 Just leave it. Then this is the last one we found?

M4A1 Yes. Playing it now...

'...coming for...'
...End of recording.

ST AR-15 'Now they're coming for you.'
...What is that?

M4 SOPMOD II Like...they're coming for us?

ST AR-15 Of course I know what it means, the question is...

M16A1 Not a clue. Don't bother getting one either.
What matters is how it'll turn out if we piece the audios together.

M4A1 Using the method Miss Kalina taught me, I have recombined the decrypted files.

M4 SOPMOD II Huh? You got it already?! Miss Kalina told me but I didn't understand a thing.

ST AR-15 Can't be helped. Your AI efficiency can only do so much.

M4 SOPMOD II Then have you got it, AR-15?!

ST AR-15 I...I don't need to learn such petty tricks.

M16A1 Stop messing around. What've you got, M4?

M4A1 A new file.
...A video.

M16A1 Like I guessed?

M4A1 ...Yes, it has to do with our last operation.

M4A1 It is a complete record of everything we have done.
It is unknown who did this, how they did it, or why.

M16A1 ...
I have a few clues, but they probably won't tell us anything useful.

ST AR-15 In other words, these files are complete rubbish to us?

M4 SOPMOD II But...they should be of some use to the commander, right?

M16A1 ...AR-15, load this file into the battle simulation system.
It can play without leaving a trace, so Griffin HQ is less likely to find out about it.

ST AR-15 Okay. Go and inform the commander, M4. We'll meet up later.

M4A1 Hello, Commander. This is for you.
...Yes, this is the truth that we are not authorized to speak of.
Why the AR Team was under Sangvis pursuit, everything...
Then please be prepared... These are memories leading to the past...

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