EP. 04-5  Locate the Coordinates (1)


Intruder ...M4A1, I knew you would call me.

M4A1 ...
Tell me... Where is M16?


M4A1 What is your objective?
Griffin has already entered your territory, yet you have not organized any significant counterattacks!

Intruder Oh? I didn't expect I'd frighten you by doing nothing.
All right, I'll tell you. The order I received...

M4A1 ...

Intruder Heheh ♪ It's actually pretty simple - Kill some time.

M4A1 Kill some time? That is your order?

Intruder What's so strange about that? If that's what Master wants, I can sit down and enjoy a nice cup of tea with you.
But first...you need to make it to my teahouse.

M4A1 That will not be difficult, Intruder.

M4A1 Griffin has traced the coordinates left behind by a squad we dispatched in advance. We will meet very soon.

Intruder Heheh ♪ Then I'll look forward to it.

EP. 04-5  Locate the Coordinates (2)

Meanwhile, at M16A1's hiding spot...

M16A1 Tsk...
I'm just about to retreat. Please tell me you're not here to finish after 416...

M16A1 ...UMP45.

UMP45 ... ♪
I'm not buying that. Don't you have two big boys in that case?

M16A1 Oh, these... I don't think they're meant for you...
...What do you say?

UMP45 ...Ditto♪
After all, I'm just on the way home after a job well done, picking up 416 while I'm at it.

M16A1 Aren't you gutsy. Operating alone when your squad isn't that big to begin with.

UMP45 9 alone is more than enough to handle this kind of trivial mission.
416 had worked her share so I gave her a holiday.

M16A1 And her idea of enjoying a vacation is to break my legs...
(Laughs bitterly) You guys are one of a kind, 45. One of a kind.

UMP45 Relax. 416 won't kill you. She's just a bit upset.

M16A1 I know. That's why I spared her life.

UMP45 I know. That's why I'll also spare yours.

M16A1 Ha, what a bargain. Deal.

UMP45 But you'll be throwing away this life I've spared if you go back right now, M16.

M16A1 ...Oh?
Don't underestimate 16Lab's neural cloud technology. I won't die so easily.
45, just what have you learned...from this mission?

UMP45 Here. Come closer.
(Whispers) 'It's raining on the plain.'

M16A1 Raining? Plain? ...What the heck?

UMP45 Communication logs intercepted through close-quarter infiltration from 1500 to 1700.
A total of 41,960 results yielded, including mentions of the fence that contradicts basic battle strategies...
If you're interested, then take a look at this comparison chart. More importantly, see what she wants to do next...

M16A1 Hey, don't just enter replay mode.
Can't you store some understandable language in that puny brain of yours?

UMP45 Your creator might just understand what that means, you know.

M16A1 What...did you say?

UMP45 ...Heheh♪ Then we'll be taking our leave.
If you run into your fellas at Griffin, just tell them...

M16A1 That you got wiped out. Yeah, I know the rules.

UMP45 Heheh♪ That's it. Until the next time.

M16A1 (Sighs) I pray there won't be a next time...
You scumbags...