EP. 04-6  Eradicate the Disturbance (1)

Helian Commander, I'm passing on an urgent order of utmost importance.
The squad has suddenly gone missing, causing an emergency alteration to our operation strategy.
The mission of eliminating Sangvis Ringleader 'Intruder' is now entrusted to you.
Don't worry. The squad has left behind markings and routes for your reference.
Now, please defeat Intruder and recover Area S09 once and for all!

EP. 04-6  Eradicate the Disturbance (2)

The operation has entered the final stage.

M4A1 It's over, Intruder.

Intruder So it is... How time flies...when you're having fun...

M4A1 You find joy even in this outcome?

Intruder I accomplished my mission... Isn't that a joyful thing?

M4A1 Your...mission...?

Intruder I told you, my mission was to kill time...
More specifically...
...Your time.

M4A1 Our time...

M4A1 ...No way!

Intruder They've had plenty of time to make preparations... The real show...will begin in no time.

M4A1 The real show... What is that?

Intruder Oh, sweetheart... Drama...is all about...suspense...

M4A1 Tell me where M16 is!
Why be in such a hurry to die?! Answer me!

M16A1 Actually... There's no need for that.

M16A1 I'm here.

M4A1 M...16...
You...You are finally...


M16A1 AWW! You didn't even hold back!

M16A1 I'm injured, you know! That slap could've killed me!

M4A1 That would be perfect. We would not even have to download a backup copy of you. We would just start building you from scratch and reset your memory!

M16A1 Oh please, spare me. It wasn't easy making it out alive. At least let me see a smile from my family!

M4A1 So how did you make it back?

M16A1 Long story. But before that, I have something more important to say...
M4, where's our new commander? I need to get in touch.

Half an hour later...

M16A1 Nice to meet you, Commander. I'm Tactical Doll M16A1.
Well... Much as I'd love to exchange pleasantries first, I have some very important information.
It concerns a matter that you need to know ASAP.
We're in big trouble. Right now.

M4A1 Big trouble? What is it?

'It's raining on the plain.'

M4A1 Raining? Plain?
What does that mean?

M16A1 I heard this from UMP45... That itself is pretty bad news.
HQ will be up to something big soon enough.

M4A1 The AR Team is reunited, and the Commander is ready.
Whatever the order is, this time, everything will be fine.

M16A1 Haha.
Now that you've said it, let them come!