EP. 05-1E  Solving the Mystery Ⅰ (1)

Video file.

26 minutes after the AR Team commenced pursuit on Destroyer...

M4 SOPMOD II There's too much firepower ahead! Dammit, we can't make it through!

M16A1 Don't rush it! Wait for the reloading gap before we charge!


M4A1 Wait. Listen to that...

M16A1 Now! Run for it!

M4A1 M16, watch out!!

M16A1 ...?!


M16A1 ...!!
W-What was that...just now?

M4 SOPMOD II You've gotta be joking. Sangvis can actually use...a weapon of that scale?

M4A1 ...
...Guys, I just received a report from Helian. We have suffered heavy losses.
HQ is ordering all troops to abort the pursuit and retreat from the area immediately.

M4 SOPMOD II But AR-15...

M16A1 We don't know what the enemy have up their sleeve. We can't go in rashly.
AR-15 will be fine. As long as we live, we'll have a chance of finding her.

M4 SOPMOD II Yeah...

M4 SOPMOD II ...But the attack just now has cut us off from the other teams.
And Sangvis troops are charging this way!

M4A1 Do not worry. Commander is still online and will lead us away from danger!

EP. 05-1E  Solving the Mystery Ⅰ (2)

Retreated to safety zone.

IDW Oh, the T-Dolls who were a big help last time!
We meet again!

M4A1 Sorry we are late. Where are the others?

IDW Everyone's fine. You're the last team to arrive.
With that, all of us have made it back safely.

M16A1 Any injured units here? Let us help too.

IDW Sure! Heaven knows where M82 has run off to. It's really a bit too much for me alone.
Thank you so much!

M16A1 No problem. None of the injuries are too serious. It shouldn't be too much trouble.

IDW True. Thank goodness they were just feeling us out with the first wave. But it gave me quite a scare when they appeared completely out of the blue.

M16A1 Then...do you have any clues regarding the weapon Sangvis Ferri used just now?

IDW Hmm... It happened so quickly I couldn't make out anything.
But judging by the marks left on the ground, it's probably game over if you get hit.

M4A1 ...

M4 SOPMOD II What is it, M4?

M4A1 Nothing...
...Just a bit afraid.
How many secrets...is Sangvis Ferri still hiding?