EP. 05-1N  Peculiar Vendor Ⅰ (1)

...Nearing the conclusion of Operation Hypothermia. Griffin Control.

Helian Thank you for your hard work on the operation, Commander.
Persica's technical analysis on Jupiter is almost complete. We'll be able to launch a full-scale counterstrike very soon.
However, I summoned you today for a different mission.
Come in, M99.

M99 Yes, ma'am.

M99 Good evening, Commander.

Helian Commander, Sangvis Ferri has been wreaking havoc on Griffin territories with Jupiter, posing a severe threat to the safety of our human settlements.
Even our supply routes and storehouses have been jeopardized, which greatly hinders our efforts in bringing in supplies to the local settlements.
To that end, HQ has decided to dispatch a squad to a storehouse that came under Jupiter's attack so as to salvage any surviving supplies and transport them to a local town.

Helian M99 is the T-Doll leader in charge of this operation. Your mission is to guide her and her squad in carrying out the operation.

M99 It's an honor to serve with you. I'll be counting on you, Commander!


?? Hawk to Chief. Hawk to Chief.

M99 Ah... I copy. Please go ahead, Hawk.

Type97S Is everything ready? I'm turning into a popsicle out here!

M99 Sorry for taking so long. We just got the green light. I'm heading out right now!


M99 Oh my...

Type97S What is it?
The Commander is already on the move. We should also get started.

M99 True... But...
We're traveling in the dark, Hawk. Aren't you nervous at all?

Type97S Not at all. Escort missions are my forte - what's there to be nervous about?
Besides, I've run this route many times before while patrolling with Mosin-Nagant and her friends. We all know it like the back of our hand.

M99 Really... No wonder Miss Helian assigned you to me...
But personally, I can only feel at ease if I can see far ahead, and vision is bad during the night...
I still have much to learn...

Type97S Haha, we all have things we're good at and things we're not. Specialization, you know.

M99 But why must they send me? I'm clearly not fit for such operations.

Type97S Jeez, Chief... Things don't always go the way we want. Sometimes we can only accept that and move on.
Don't worry about tonight. You're part of what I'm escorting, and I won't let anyone touch a hair on you!

M99 (Sighs) Very much appreciated. Let's go. We shouldn't keep the others waiting.
Commander, our destination is the storehouse across the mountain. Please lead us on our way.

EP. 05-1N  Peculiar Vendor Ⅰ (2)

...Arrived at the designated storehouse.

Type97S (Waves) Lil' 56! Long time no see!

Type56-1 We've been waiting for a while. Did something happen on your way here?

M99 Apologies. There were a lot of Sangvis units along the way. We lost a bit of time making detours.

Type56-1 No problem. The supplies are all packed and ready to go. Let's move out ASAP.

Type97S Is that all? I thought we could at least fill up a few trucks.

Type56-1 There used to be a lot more...but they've been moved away. That's why I was sent to guard the last of them.

M99 Huh? Is S.F. so poor they have to come after our supplies?

Type56-1 Well...
It was actually the human residents from the neighboring areas, but PR matters, you know...
If Jupiter hadn't attacked, I'm afraid we couldn't even have saved this last batch.

M99 I see...
All resources are delegated by the military under strict regulations. No one can touch them without permission. Not even humans.
We must protect the rest of the supplies to the best of our ability.

Type97S Alright, let's deliver them safely to our destination!