EP. 05-2  Raid Resistance (1)

My ears start picking up faint sounds of explosions, and...

?? Enough sleep, rookie.

This man has been waiting for me.

Kryuger You're in luck.
Only a rifle fell on you, not the entire arsenal.

Sangvis forces are pouring into the base behind him...

Kryuger The name's Kryuger. Executive Officer of Griffin.
I'm sure you've seen this face on our newsletters so often you must be sick of it.
Can you still fight?

In the midst of the barrage, Kryuger hands me his other sidearm.

Kryuger We've been ambushed, Commander. Ensure your own safety first.
Then mount a resistance to fight off Sangvis advancement and make sure reinforcements are in position.

His last sentence fades into silence as the man's figure disappears through the door.

...I look back at the ravished control room.
Limp towards the control panel and inspect it.
I'm in luck. Something fell on me, but not the entire command system.
...Ready to deploy troops and mount a counterattack.

EP. 05-2  Raid Resistance (2)

As the alarm dies down and the sound of crossfires fade into the distance, Griffin seems to have regained the upper hand.
I leave the room that can come crashing down any moment and hurry towards the hall where T-Dolls have assembled.
Right then, a voice calls out from behind me...

M4A1 ...Oh! Commander!

M4A1 Commander! Are you okay?!
I...I was very worried about you...
Thank goodness you are okay.

Kryuger You get along pretty well with M4A1 here, Commander. Looks like you've been taking very good care of her.

M4A1 ...

Kryuger But right now, we have something to discuss, you and I.

M4A1 Yes, sir...
Commander, I will be on stand-by along with the other members of the AR Team.

...M4A1 takes her leave after giving a salute. She looks back every once in a while.

Kryuger You know, she's a special T-Doll, Commander.
Keep her safe. She will show what she's worth one day.
Now back to business. You did well just now, but Sangvis Ferri will press forward again any minute.
This meeting was absolutely confidential, even the base was a total secret.
However, Sangvis Ferri was able to launch such a precise attack against us, so intel must have been leaked from within our ranks.
I'll be putting Helian on this case immediately. Come with me, Commander. I have a new mission for you.

5 minutes later, where T-Dolls are on stand-by...

MP40 No shoving, please. Let T-Dolls carrying small arms pass through first.
Wait! You over there! Is that FFC?
Please finish your ice cream before you join the queue. Don't drip it on someone else!
And you do not pass as a small arm! Please don't shove ahead just because you're short!

ST AR-15 ...
Everyone else is busy as hell, but still no orders for us?

M16A1 You heard M4. The commander went with Mr. Kryuger, so we'll have a big job coming soon.

M4A1 The Sangvis Ringleader has not shown herself. It is highly possible that there will be a second raid.

M4 SOPMOD II Dammit! Can't she just come out for a showdown?!

M16A1 Hmm... It's uncommon for Sangvis Ferri to spring an attack so suddenly. Our next mission is probably gonna be real tricky.

ST AR-15 Humph, that's perfect, isn't it? A chance to settle the score.
...Time...is running out.