EP. 05-2E  Solving the Mystery Ⅱ (1)

It has been many days since the pursuit, but the AR Team is still continuing the search.

M16A1 Anything new, SOP-II?

M4 SOPMOD II Nothing yet... Not a single trace of AR-15...
We're too shorthanded with just the three of us.

M16A1 (Sighs) After what happened last time, HQ doesn't wanna take the risk of searching for AR-15.

M4 SOPMOD II I wonder...how AR-15's doing right now...

M16A1 Sangvis Ferri hasn't been making any moves, so she should be safe for now.

M4 SOPMOD II Ah, M4's back.

M4A1 Guys, I am back with a new assignment.

M4A1 Helian just informed us that a Griffin squad had not made it out in time during the evacuation.

M4 SOPMOD II She wants us to rescue them?
It's a hail of bullets out there. What T-Dolls could be so important?

M16A1 Stop whining. If it's a mission, we just get it done.
Commander, show us the way.

EP. 05-2E  Solving the Mystery Ⅱ (2)

The AR Team entered the control center.

M4 SOPMOD II (Gestures) 'There's a human target in there.'

M4A1 ... (Nods)
(Gestures) Ready. 3, 2, 1...


M4A1 Human over there! Arms in the air! Face us!

?? ...

M4A1 Last warning. Put your arms in the air, or we will have the license to shoot!

?? No, you don't...

Kryuger ...Not at me.

M16A1 ...!!
My deepest apologies, Mr. Kryuger!

M16A1 Sorry to be blunt, Mr. Kryuger.
But this doesn't match up with what we've learned about this mission.
Not to mention, it's very dangerous not to carry any signal identification device on your person on enemy territory.

Kryuger It'd be even more dangerous if my signal didn't pass Sangvis' authorization authentication.
The new device is still flawed. I need to get 16Lab to make some improvements.

M4 SOPMOD II Are you here...just to test out this new device?

M4 SOPMOD II We're a special operations force, not some security squad!

M4A1 SOP-II, calm down!

Kryuger ...
I still trust you.
Finish collecting data from this place, then bring this new assignment to your commander.