EP. 05-2N  Peculiar Vendor Ⅱ (1)

Half an hour later. On the move.

Type56-1 Chief...
Say, it's already midnight. Why don't we grab a snack?

M99 Are you hungry? I have some chocolate here.

Type56-1 Hmm...
That's hardly enough. Not to mention... (takes the chocolate)

Type56-1 snaps the chocolate lightly.

M99 Hey, what are you doing?! Don't waste it even if you don't want it!

Type56-1 This definitely feels like adulterated fat, Chief.
This has to be from 92. She knows you can't tell the difference, so she's always giving you the cheap stuff.

M99 Huh? What's the big deal? It can still be eaten...
You're always very down-to-earth. Since when have you become so picky...?

Type97S 56 is a huge foodie. You, on the other hand, could learn a thing or two.
I suggest you tag along the next time 95 and 97 go shopping.

M99 There are more important things to do. I have no time for leisure.
Besides, don't expect so much in the middle of a mission!
Even if there's to be a proper meal, we have to wait for everyone to show up.

Type97S Is someone else coming? I thought we were heading directly to our destination.

M99 We need to stop by the recon outpost in the area first to meet up with NZ.
She was sent to scout ahead, but now she's back.

Type56-1 NZ, huh... Do we really need her with us?
That kid is always so difficult. I volunteered to check out the storehouse to avoid her in the first place...

Type97S Haha, so NZ is nearby!
Don't worry. I'm pretty close with her. She won't mess around with me here.

M99 It's okay, 56. NZ is very serious on missions.
Also, we can't use the humans' supplies, so we can't cook until she reports back about the supply outpost.

Type56-1 What?! Then let's meet up with her quickly! I'm starving!

M99 (Chuckles) Hang in there until then...
Commander, please lead us to the recon outpost over there.

EP. 05-2N  Peculiar Vendor Ⅱ (2)

Arrived at the recon outpost where NZ-75 is located.

M99 Hmm? Where's NZ?

Type56-1 Doesn't seem to be here. What should we do?

Type97S It's fine. I know what to do...
Hey, NZ! Your new dress is here! This one has the print of...


M99 Oh, so you were up there the whole time...

NZ75 S-S-Screw you!
I didn't buy any new dress whatsoever!

Type97S Whatever. It can't be any more tasteless than the one you got last week anyway...
Hurry up and give the chief your report!

NZ75 Jeez...
Report as follows

Type56-1 Where can we resupply?
I mean somewhere with proper food, not energy bars or chocolate.

NZ75 Oh, about that...
Sorry to tell you...but all the supply outposts along the route are either destroyed or looted after the security system went down...

Type56-1 W-What?!
Dammit! I knew I should've ignored the arrangement and swapped with you!

NZ75 It'd have been the same no matter who had this job. Besides, my stomach is also growling here...

M99 Then there's nothing we can do.
Let's dig in on the emergency canned food and move the stuff quickly.
The locals there will surely show us some great hospitality...

NZ75 Humph. They're counting on relief supplies. Don't expect them to cook us anything decent.

Type56-1 I say we pop the crates open and keep some stuff for ourselves. No one's gonna find out.

M99 No, these goods are to be transported on the military's order. We must not touch them!
You're known for being honest, 56! How could you even suggest such a thing?!

Type56-1 So what if I'm honest?! Doesn't mean I'll take this crap!
No one can fight on an empty stomach!

Type97S To be honest, while I'm not as passionate about food as 56...
I also find it hard to keep up my spirits with just a few ration cans when there's nowhere to resupply...

NZ75 We are technically authorized to borrow resources from humans to maintain our operational efficiency, right?

M99 That's true...but please hang in there for just a little longer.
We're not far from our destination. Let's travel farther ahead. We're bound to come across a supply outpost that's intact at some point...I hope...

NZ75 I almost thought you were gonna say we're bound to come across an oasis...

Type97S Just listen to the chief, NZ. We're under orders, after all.
We must stay united and work together, and bear with any difficulties we encounter, got it?

NZ75 Tsk. Then hurry up already. Let's get this over with ASAP.