EP. 05-3  Counterstrike (1)

Griffin temporary control room.

Helian The result of the preliminary investigation is out, Mr. Kryuger.
But... (Looks sideways in this direction)

Kryuger Go on, Helian.

Helian Yes, sir. We have traced the leak to an abandoned command post in the vicinity of HQ.
It is certain this is where the Sangvis Ringleader receives intel and directs the attack.
We have already pinpointed its coordinates. We can raid it anytime.

Kryuger Now you know what you have to do.
Mount an immediate raid on this command post. Capture or destroy the Sangvis Ringleader.

EP. 05-3  Counterstrike (2)

Arrived at the designated zone.

M16A1 (Gestures) ...Prepare to blast our way through.
3, 2, 1...



M4 SOPMOD II What the... It's empty!

ST AR-15 Quiet. Watch your surroundings.

M4A1 No abnormal signals detected. All clear.

M16A1 Humph. Judging by the tracks on the floor, the Ringleader gave us the slip only just now.

?? 30 minutes ago, to be exact.

M4A1 ...!

Destroyer Destroyer, Sangvis Ferri Manufacture.
Nice to see you, I guess? Even though it's only a call.
Still, I must say I was taken aback by how fast you move.
I was going to take my plan further here while things are a mess for you. I certainly didn't expect you to discover my coordinates.
This human named Kryuger is quick on his feet.

M4A1 Griffin is on full alert now. You can no longer acquire any intel from us.

Destroyer Humph, really? That doesn't really matter to me.

ST AR-15 You guys...are after something else?

Destroyer You can't figure it out with your wooden brains, dumbass Griffin T-Dolls.
Just you watch. You won't be able to do a thing.

M16A1 She left the channel. Can you trace her signal?

M4A1 Barely, but there are a lot of encrypted data that cannot be cracked right away.

M4 SOPMOD II Good thing she's still close. That idiot doesn't know we're actually tracing her.

ST AR-15 Let's retreat first. We need to head back to HQ and report this ASAP.

M4 SOPMOD II AR-15...You seem pretty fired up about this mission.

ST AR-15 Tch. I've always been a pragmatist. Any problem with that?
Let's get going. We don't have much time.