EP. 05-3E  Solving the Mystery Ⅲ (1)

In a tactical control center in Area S09 under Griffin jurisdiction...

Helian Commander, I know a lot has happened recently.
...But it's heartening to see you're still in good spirits.
All this time, we've been relying on T-Dolls to ensure our safety.
Yet we can no longer keep our T-Dolls safe...
Still, please don't worry. 16Lab has already started working on rectifying the defect found in their neural clouds.
Mr. Kryuger will also strengthen management on Griffin T-Dolls to prevent incidents like this from happening again.
Now, please accept this new assignment.

Helian Commander, there's something we've been keeping from the AR Team.
Mr. Kryuger discovered a copy of AR-15's neural cloud during our last operation.
It might have been left behind deliberately by AR-15, but some content is missing.
Please have the AR Team collect the missing fragments, but don't let them read the content.
I'm handing this to you, Commander. I trust your judgement.

EP. 05-3E  Solving the Mystery Ⅲ (2)

Arrived at the destination. Starting data retrieval...

M16A1 M4, have you started retrieving the data?

M4A1 Yes, I am recovering AR-15's neural cloud. Please stand guard.

M4 SOPMOD II This is...where we collected data before...
Dammit! So we almost got them last time!

M16A1 That's precisely why Sangvis Ferri is doing everything to stop us.

M4 SOPMOD II ...AR-15.
Why...can't we at least know her whereabouts...?
She's our companion, right?!

M16A1 ...
You once asked me...
Why we're equipped with emotion modules despite being tools of combat.
The thing is, having emotions is a flaw in itself, SOP-II.
T-Dolls or humans, we are all defective beings.
Never expect sympathy from them. Especially not now.

(Sighs) Somehow you always come up with these oddly reasonable arguments.

M16A1 It's a logic of reasoning designed especially for convincing AIs of Griffin T-Dolls.

M4A1 Document retrieved. Let us make our retreat.


M4A1 SOP-II... I heard everything...

M4 SOPMOD II Sorry, M4A1. I kinda lost it just now...

M4A1 It is all right, SOP-II.
To be honest, I am also very confused right now...
But I believe that AR-15 has not deserted us, nor we her, do you not agree?
So long as we do not desert each other, then one day, we shall meet again.

M4A1, you seem to have matured? ...But you're just an T-Doll.

M4A1 (Smiles) You said it yourself.
I am the commander of the AR Team. I have the responsibility of lead you.